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The International is over and we're already getting back to the daily business: The new season of joinDOTA League is starting this week. Since some of you might have missed the sign-ups for this during the biggest event of the year, we moved the deadline back by two days. Teams from all over the world still have the chance to participate in season 3.

UPDATE: If anyone couldn't sign up due to the technical issues we had on the site today, go write a support ticket until Friday night and we will add you manually.

If you've missed the original announcment, you can read up all information here:

Find out more about joinDOTA League:

Season #3 schedule

  • Playday 1: Sunday, July 27
  • Playday 2: Sunday, August 03
  • Playday 3: Thursday, August 07
  • Playday 4: Sunday, August 10
  • Playday 5: Sunday, August 17
  • Playday 6: Sunday, August 24
  • Playday 7: Thursday, August 28
  • Playday 8: Sunday, August 31
  • Playday 9: Sunday, September 07
  • Tiebreaks: Sunday, September 14
  • Playoff PD1: Sunday, September 21
  • Playoff PD2: Thursday, September 25
  • Playoff PD3: Sunday, September 28
UPDATE: We apologize for the misinformation here about the scheduling rulse. The teams are supposed to agree on any time up to 7 days before OR AFTER the default date. Times outside of this timeframe can be used with the approval by an admin. The games are only to be played at default time, when the teams fail to agree on anything else.

Don't forget to sign up again

Whether you played in season two or not, you have to sign up again now! This is needed in order to get rid of inactive teams and ensure a smooth start for the new edition of jDL. After signing up, you will automatically be assigned to a group in the correct division, based on your results in the previous season.

The sign-ups will close at Thursday, July 24th 18:00 CET.