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The International 2014 is over! Once again the best teams in the world have gathered in Seattle, once again we have found a new champion. NewBee is bringing the aegis back to China after beating Vici Gaming in the first all Chinese grand final. Evil Geniuses places third, North America's best result in TI so far. Europe disappoints. Find all the results and most important links inside.
KeyArena was a great new event location

Second Place$1,475,699Vici Gaming
Third Place$1,038,455Evil Geniuses
Fourth Place$819,833Team DK
5th & 6th Place$655,866Cloud 9LGD Gaming
7th & 8th Place$519,227Natus VincereInvictus Gaming
9th & 10th Place$49,190Team LiquidTitan
11th & 12th Place$38,259MousesportsThe Alliance
13th & 14th Place$21,862Team EmpireFnatic

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NewBee was the best team this year

Match Reports and VODs

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