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joinDOTA League has been running for half a year now. Two seasons have seen 2500 teams from all over the world compete against each other. We want to continue this success with the third season and make even more Dota 2 players to compete in a fun but still professional environment despite their skill level. We are ready to bring jDL back right after The International. Sign up with your team and become part of the world's biggest Dota league.

If you didn't know about our league yet, read the following: joinDOTA League is divided into three regions: Europe (including the Middle East and Africa), America (North and South America), Asia (including Australia). All of which have multiple divisions that roughly express the skill levels of the teams in them. The ten best teams from each region are part of Division 1 with the next best ones fighting in Division 2. Any team that is participating for the first time will be put into the starter division and can battle their way up the ranking with some good results. Of course, promotion and relegation occurs at the end of each season, letting teams find their way to an appropriately skilled division.

All teams within one division are randomly assigned to a group of usually 10 teams, to compete in a t round robin format (you play a different team each playday in a two-game matchup). One match (sometimes two) is played every week, with the teams choosing the date and time themselves based on some ground rules. After the group stage, some teams proceed to the playoffs before the season concludes. After the season ends, everyone gets assigned to a new (or the same) division for the next season, and the whole thing starts again. The amount of slots in jDL is unlimited.

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Season #3 schedule

We originally intended to have Season #3 start in early July and stick to only Sundays as a default date once again. However, with The International starting earlier and being longer than expected, and obviously overshadowing everything for both the community as well as our staff, made us modify this plan in the end. The newest edition of joinDOTA League will start one week after TI4 with the sign-ups running over the whole duration of the event. In order to conclude jDL #3 by the end of September nontheless, we had to put in some additional dates for the games during the weekdays, but kept them to the minimum.
  • Playday 1: Sunday, July 27
  • Playday 2: Sunday, August 03
  • Playday 3: Thursday, August 07
  • Playday 4: Sunday, August 10
  • Playday 5: Sunday, August 17
  • Playday 6: Sunday, August 24
  • Playday 7: Thursday, August 28
  • Playday 8: Sunday, August 31
  • Playday 9: Sunday, September 07
  • Tiebreaks: Sunday, September 14
  • Playoff PD1: Sunday, September 21
  • Playoff PD2: Thursday, September 25
  • Playoff PD3: Sunday, September 28
UPDATE: We apologize for the misinformation here about the scheduling rulse. The teams are supposed to agree on any time up to 7 days before OR AFTER the default date. Times outside of this timeframe can be used with the approval by an admin. The games are only to be played at default time, when the teams fail to agree on anything else.

Don't forget to sign up again

Whether you played in season two or not, you have to sign up again now! This is needed in order to get rid of inactive teams and ensure a smooth start for the new edition of jDL. After signing up, you will automatically be assigned to a group in the correct division, based on your results in the previous season.

The sign-ups will close at Tuesday, July 22nd (the day after TI finals) 18:00 CET.