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In a very close series, Evil Geniuses have secured themselves a spot in the grand final against cn Invictus Gaming, which is coming up shortly. While EG won game one convincingly, they were caught out by Fnatic's early push strat in game two. However, in game three - a classic case of unstoppable force versus immovable object Arteezy got too big with a game winning ultra-kill.

Game 1Game 2Game 3 eu Fnatic vs Evil Geniuses usBest of 3 - Game 1
PREGAMEeu Fnatic0:0Evil Geniuses usThis is a big one, folks. Fnatic, powered by the power of the Tiny-Wisp comibnation were able to grab a hard fought victory over the Chinese powerhouses of Vici Gaming yesterday. EG had to wait until this morning to get their campaign underway, but wasted no time in dispatching Na´Vi 2-0. Now, only one can progress into grand final for over $80,000 and the prestigeous title of inaugural ESL One champions.DRAFTeu Fnatic0:0Evil Geniuses usEG with a strong opening here, as they are on Dire and go for the Doom and Faceless Void, with Fnatic using their first pick for Brewmaster, followed up by Mirana. Excalibur has been denied his Tinker pickup, as EG opt to go for it instead. So far the bands have covered Wisp, Beastmaster, Earthshaker, Lich, Lycan, Enigma, AA and Jakiro. Surprisingly, Batrdier is still in the pool. Fnatic go for the Visage, a hero not seen too much despite still putting in strong performances, while EG respond with Bane. Treant has somehow got through as late as fourth pick, where Fnatic happily pick him up. Centaur and Sand King make up the final bans, as EG finish their draft with Vengeful Spirit. Fnatic have the last pick and it's MEEPO! Party time in Frankfurt - a small note, a very rare game with no pick or ban on Batrider.1:00eu Fnatic0:0Evil Geniuses usLive here in the stadium, there is a still an audible buzz in the crowd over that Meepo pick. Fnatic hit a pre-creep spawn arrow on Bane, but aren't able to follow up. We have a dream matchup in the midlane, the Excalibur Meepo vs. Arteezy Tinker.2:00eu Fnatic0:0Evil Geniuses usFIRST BLOOD! Arteezy strikes, taking down the Meepo before Trixi also suffers a death elsewhere. Exaclibur goes in hard for a return kill, but just cant secure it. 6:00eu Fnatic0:6Evil Geniuses usIn the midlane, not only has Arteezy got the mid kill, but he is also winning the early CS war...and then adds to it with a second! And a third! Tinker and Treatn chased hard for the return and both paid with their lives, while Visage also falls on the toplane. It's 6-0 now and EG are really off to an incredibly strong start, will Fnatic be able to recover?10:00eu Fnatic1:9Evil Geniuses usUniverse is now on the prowl with those chronospheres, finding Mirana alone to help set up the kill, making it eight unanswered deaths now. EG are storming the early game, but they will also have the late game impact of Void and Tinker. We hit the ninth minute and Fnatic finally hit the scoreboard, ganging up on Doom to secure a kill.11:00eu Fnatic3:12Evil Geniuses usUniverse is at it again, trapping Excalibur this time for Tinker to wipe up the kill, with Arteezy now on a mega kill streak. EG are now trying to secure some towers off the back of their early pressure and secure a tier one mid at last.15:00eu Fnatic7:16Evil Geniuses usMeepo secures a kill on the Bane, but the return kill is instant as Tinker sweeps in - Fnatic are struggling to build any momentum, with the mobility of the Americans proving incredibly hard to deal with. EG use the time to secure a Roshan as well. Fnatic do strike back though, as Excalibur claims Universeäs life and then a primal split sees Bane die. Tinker sweeps in as always though and kills off Treant but Meepo gets a sweet deny on his teamamte before finding a kill on Arteezy! A bloodbath in the radiant jungle.19:00eu Fnatic8:21Evil Geniuses usOne step forward - two steps back. Mirana and Meepo both get picked off soon after that and Fnatic's momentum. A few minutes later, Universe makes a fantastic last gasp Chronosphere to save his own life and then kill Trixi too, a huge play. Fnatic finally secure their first tower, but elsewhere Meepo dies in a trade for Doom's Aegis25:00eu Fnatic8:23Evil Geniuses usMeepo continues to suffer at the hands of Universe as he finds himself trapped in chronosphere yet again, meaning no escaping with Poof and another trip back to the fountain. EG are over 12,000 gold and experience ahead at this point.25:00eu Fnatic8:23Evil Geniuses usDagon. Rearm. Dagon. That is the grim fate of both Brewmaster and Mirana as Arteezy continues to rack up the kills on Tinker. It's very tough to know what Fnatic can possibly do to stop this as they secure two more towers. 28:00eu Fnatic8:23Evil Geniuses usA small victory for Exaclibur as he finds a solo kill on Arteezy, but Universe is soon on the scene for the instant return kill. Brewmaster loses his life elsewhere and EG turn their focus and secure a second Roshan of the game, with Arteezy going for aegis. Fnatic will just be happy that he cannot rearm it. 30:00eu Fnatic8:23Evil Geniuses usOne Chronosphere, three kills. Universe crushes Fnatic in short order and that's enough for Fnatic to call gg and this one is over, with a dominant EG performance. 1-0. eu Fnatic 0-1 Evil Geniuses usBest of 3 - Game 2
PREGAMEeu Fnatic0:0Evil Geniuses usEG will be very happy after that game, a decisive victory from the first minute of the game. Meepo, as much as it pleased the crowd, proved to be a risky choice, with Faceless Void and Tinker both finding no problem in getting the pick offs. Fnatic will need to regroup and quickly - one more loss and their tournament is over.DRAFTeu Fnatic0:0Evil Geniuses usThis time Batrider doesnt escape the early stages as EG pick him up alonside Doom early on, joining Mirana and Outworld Devourer. This time, Fnatic go for the Faceless Void, joining the trio of Engima, Bane and Lycan, with Venomancer their final pickup. EG round off their draft with Lion. We are go for game two!2:00eu Fnatic0:0Evil Geniuses usThis time it's an entirely different matchup with an Arteezy OD against Excalibur's Lycan. Batrider is offlaning against Venomancer and Bane, while the bottom lane sees Doom and Mirana (handled by ppd) face off against Faceless Void.5:00eu Fnatic0:0Evil Geniuses usExcalibur has not died, but is not having a fun time, being forced to get most of his CS in the jungle as he struggles under the harrasment of OD. It's Venomancer topping the CS charts though, as he begins to apply some early plague ward pressure on EG's tier one mid.8:00eu Fnatic2:3Evil Geniuses usFirst blood! Trixi on the venomancer gets the first kill, using the wards and his ultimate to leave ppd dying to poision, before doing well to escape the attenions of Arteezy. Fnatic then use the space to secure not one, but two towers in it's wake. Early advatange to the Europeans, as they trade kills on the bottom lane, as well. However, Batrider arrives on the scene to secure a nice double kill and stop that early momentum dead.8:00eu Fnatic2:3Evil Geniuses usFirst blood! Trixi on the venomancer gets the first kill, using the wards and his ultimate to leave ppd dying to poision, before doing well to escape the attenions of Arteezy. Fnatic then use the space to secure not one, but two towers in it's wake. Early advatange to the Europeans, as they trade kills on the bottom lane, as well. However, Batrider arrives on the scene to secure a nice double kill and stop that early momentum dead.12:00eu Fnatic2:3Evil Geniuses usFnatic continue to make early use of the venomancer wards, securing the final tier one tower and even beginning to chip away at tier two towers as well. Being down in towers is never ideal, but even more so as against Lycan - Fnatic even get that tier two bottom. No contest on either by EG, either happy to let them go, or unwilling to fight yet.14:00eu Fnatic2:3Evil Geniuses usFnatic do not want to give EG any space, as they now take the tier two middle after using the chronosphere to pick off OD; although they lose Enigma in the trade.17:00eu Fnatic4:4Evil Geniuses usThe teams trade some kills on the bottom lane, with the tier two top also gone now. EG do get a small advantage as they find a way to kill the Fnatic courier. The worry for EG has to be though that they now have no outer towers, compared to Fnatic having every single building intact.21:00eu Fnatic4:6Evil Geniuses usA nice pick off for EG as they managed to lasso Excalibur uponto a cliff, leaving him no escape and no option but to die. The Lycan unfortuantely finds himself dead again, before Fnatic manage to have their courier to die a second time! Fnatic are being slowed up here - it's the classic case of taking down the outer towers, with no way to break highground. However, they break Roshan though and h4nn1's Void will carry the aegis. Meanwhile, EG finally take down their first tower.22:00eu Fnatic4:8Evil Geniuses usDisaster for Fnatic! A three man chrono sees nobody die and Fnatic have to retreat from the highground, but not before they lose the Void AND his Aegis as well as Lycan. A really key defense from the Americans and Fnatic will regret that decision.24:00eu Fnatic4:8Evil Geniuses usDisaster for Fnatic! A three man chrono sees nobody die and Fnatic have to retreat from the highground, but not before they lose the Void AND his Aegis as well as Lycan. A really key defense from the Americans and Fnatic will regret that decision.28:00eu Fnatic7:9Evil Geniuses usThe Europeans strike back! Mirana and OD are both lined up for death, with both Fiend's Grip and Black Hole used in the effort, but well worth it - Fnatic now prime themselves to try and break highground again, this time with more success as they get the tier three tower, albeit a denied one. Oh man, EG dodge a chrono and get Venomancer, who is ofrced to buy back, and Fnatic do get a return kill on Doom, but that could've gone much better. They aren't leaving though, as they now move onto the rax, prompting a Doom buyback ´. That satisifes Fnatic, who use it as their cue to exit.30:00eu Fnatic8:9Evil Geniuses usTheres quite a stark contrast in the graphs, with Fnatic 8k behind in Experinece, yet ahead 2,500 in gold. They reduce their arrears though as chronosphere spells death for OD as he roams the Fnatic jungle. This game is very finely poised and you feel that it just needs one big play, one huge teamfight to truly swing the momentum. Will it be a big OD Hammer, or a big Chrono?32:00eu Fnatic12:11Evil Geniuses usRoshan number two for Fnatic now, with Lycan cheesing up and H4nn1 again taking the Aegis for Faceless Void. This prompts another movement towards the midlane highground, but again iäts ill-fated as H4nn1 gets lassoed out and dead but that just pops aegis and sets up a nice black hole, forcing EG back as they lose Lion and Mirana in exchange for Void and Bane. They also get the rax though, so a plentiful trade.36:00eu Fnatic12:11Evil Geniuses usBoth teams pause to get warmer clothing due to the cold temperature. Zai: "You are no real Finland man." he says to Trixi.40:00eu Fnatic15:16Evil Geniuses usBig plays as EG take a massive fight, despite a four-man Black Hole!EG have to use two buybacks but they work - AND HOW! They come back with a venegeance and it is a FIVE MAN TEAMWIPE! Fnatic are all bcak in the fountain as Mason finds a triple on Doom. Has the tide finally turned?42:00eu Fnatic15:16Evil Geniuses usEG now working down some towers, the tier one middle the first to fall. This match - and this series - is really on a knife-edge now, another big teamfight loss for either side could be a mortal mistake that costs them the game. EG are backing off a little, not wanting to commit to a full engagement while they habe buybacks on cooldown.44:00eu Fnatic15:16Evil Geniuses usThe exposed middle barracks continue to be a problem for EG as the creep wave and Lycan wolves are beginning to chip away at the tier fours. When EG are forced to return to mop up the creeps, Fnatic pounce by wrapping up a third Roshan. Void's third Aegis of the game, but what can Fnatic yield with it this time?50:00eu Fnatic23:21Evil Geniuses usTrades a plenty with Trixi and Arteezy both dying, with Mason also crucially caught out, with 90 seconds on the bench unless he buysback. In a lighter moment, Zai opts for maximum effiency, using his Aghs ulti to farm creeps. Excalibur then gets lasso in the base, but he gets double force staffed back out! Great save. Big chrono on Arteezy, he dies and buysbacks, Trixi hits a big nova and EG are limping back to base. The tier three bottom falls amdist the madness and another big Lasso, BLACK HOLE! On two, but cancelled, EG turn it and EG get Lycan as their melee rax fall H4nn1's back with a chrono, Zai dead! Now BigDady takes a fall, EG chase Fnatic out and h4nn1 trades Aegis for Universe, but no! A huge last second imprisonment! Fly now dead, now Fnatica re back but h4nn1 dies, OD now dead, Trixi too, 100 seconds in the foutnain for multiple heroes, fly chases down ppd. EG are down to just the bat and Fnatic have a full five, Tier fours being hammered elsewhere. This is a legitimate full three minute straight team fight, with EG losing barracks, h4nn1 dragged almost into the foutnain and just survives, now they hammer the throne. GG! An insane end to the match and we GO TO GAME THREE! eu Fnatic 1-1 Evil Geniuses usBest of 3 - Game 3
PREGAMEeu Fnatic0:0Evil Geniuses usSo, a classic deciding game now faces us. Fnatic fought back there, taking the better of an incredible team fight at the end that winded all around the map with multiple buybacks, ultimates and big plays. One game last, for the big final spot against iG.DRAFTeu Fnatic0:0Evil Geniuses usFnatic look to Enigma and Venomancer again, but this time paired with Earthshaker and Undying, as EG continue to first ban Wisp and Beastmaster. EG so far going for Doom, Tidehunter, Bane and Wraith King. This time EG go for the Templar Assassin mid, with Fnatic once again, going for the Exaclibur Meepo and hoping for better results than game one.1:00eu Fnatic0:1Evil Geniuses usExcalibur isn't mid this game, he's on bottom and immediately hunted by three heroes and WOW. Incredible escape. Incredible jukes. Excalbur goes down to almost 20hp, escapes and salves up, then dropped to 20 again and escapes again! Unfortunately though, they all return a minute or so later and get the kill this time.6:00eu Fnatic0:1Evil Geniuses usMason just survives a gank attempt and big bodyblock, with TP support meaning that Fnatic can't quite that return kill. BigDaddy is going a great job, having the most CS as he's taken up the middle lane. Mason continues to read a charmed life as he escapes on just 30hp before ppd steps in to diffuse the danger. Great work from EG to not lose someone there. It's the small edges that count.10:00eu Fnatic4:6Evil Geniuses usSecond kill for EG, this time on the Meepo again, with a solo ravage used to secure it. Fly goes in deep elsewhere to get a kill on Bane and is chased down by Arteezy and Mason. Kills get traded everywhere, with it now 9-4 to EG as Fnatic also claim two towers. Sorry, a brief internet outage here in the press room and in game as all of Fnatic get dropped.13:00eu Fnatic4:6Evil Geniuses usAnd after a lengthy pause, the issue is resolved and we're back in the game! EG have had the better of the kills, but Fnatic have led the towers. Who will come out on top?15:00eu Fnatic5:11Evil Geniuses usBig black hole! But the perfect counter, it's the ravage that breaks it, leading to two Fnatic deaths as Enigma and Venomancer head to the grave. A small measure of revenge afterwards though, as Tidehunter is ganked by three. EG use the time well though, getting the Aegis up on Arteezy.18:00eu Fnatic6:11Evil Geniuses usThe aegis doesn't last long as Arteezy dies soon after to lose the Aegis then gets killed again! Great work by Trixi on the Venomancer there to really make life hard for EG to fight while Meepo farms up. Fantic take the tier two bottom from it and they are picking up some serious steam.20:00eu Fnatic6:15Evil Geniuses usOh man, the turnaround! What looked like a big win for Fnatic with a four-man black hole seems to have EG on the ropes, but its ppd with a beautiful use of positioning to break it with Fiend's Grip and that really turns the fight and EG get a massive four kills with no loss.22:00eu Fnatic6:16Evil Geniuses usSmoke up by Fnatic as they go on the hunt, but EG sniff it out and retreat far back into the base. Much like game two, this game feels like its hanging on by a thread, with each kill crucial - including EG finding a nice pickoff on Excalibur's Meepo.24:00eu Fnatic8:17Evil Geniuses usEG, at the 23 minute mark secure their first tower, taking the T1 bottom, a small opening to work. Undying gets found out in the wrong jungle and eats a death, but meanwhile on bottom it's Meepo doing the work with BigDaddy holding Universe and Arteezy in place with a black hole for a nice double kill. 27:00eu Fnatic10:17Evil Geniuses usMeepo finds a nice kill solo on Arteezy and elsewhere theres a big fight with ppd dying right oursside of Roshan which opens the way for Fnatic, desperate to get Meepo his Aegis and he does. He also has a Scythe and you feel that its open for him to take over the game.30:00eu Fnatic12:20Evil Geniuses usHuge highround teamfight! Meepo gets burseted quickly and Fnatic try to fight back with a huge Echo Slam and Black Hole, forcing a TA buyback and killing Doom too - but at the cost of their Aegis and three lives and no tier three tower for it. EG defend their base for now.32:00eu Fnatic12:20Evil Geniuses usThe smallest of margins can make the biggest difference - fiend's grip used on Meepo, but Ravage is on cooldown for two more seconds and Excalibur just poofs out in time to save his life. Three heroes, one ultimate and no kill - Meepo is a tricky kill to get.34:00eu Fnatic14:23Evil Geniuses usArteezy gets killed outside his base with no buyback and Fnatic try to pounce and move up high ground and use it to get Mason, Universe uses a big ravage but it doesnt do neough but Meepo does big work before dying and that s when EG turn it after using a buyback on Doom. The black hole crucially only caught on hero and that might have been all the difference. Again, it's no tower and EG hold yet again.37:00eu Fnatic16:25Evil Geniuses usFnatic move to Roshan again, looking to secure that Aegis again for Excalibur. EG try to fight it but theyäre too late and EG have blown their pipes and BKB and then Fnatic turn. Meepo dies almost isntantly but he has Aegis and thats when he turns but cant do enough and Fnatic are falling apart, they can't win the fight as Meepo and Undying are both sidelined as they turn tail and run. Fnatic can't win these teamfights it seems. Wraith King then steps too far away and dies without reincarnate. This game is very, very intense. And very, very close.41:00eu Fnatic17:27Evil Geniuses usThree man black hole and no follow up as Meepo goes in but can't get anything more than Arteezy who buys back instantly and EG get the Meepo and Earthshaker. It feels like Fnatic slightly miscoordinated there, as the black hole was good, but the rest of the team were too far away.47:00eu Fnatic17:30Evil Geniuses usBig echo slam to initiate and then the black hole but Enigma dies instantly and buysback. Now the Ravage and EG once again take the teamfight and with it Roshan. Meepo and Undying down with that buyback too. Excalibur may be level 25 but its not enough. The Meepo gets focused, the Black holes cancelled - EG are just finding the ways to win in each fight.47:00eu Fnatic17:30Evil Geniuses usBig echo slam to initiate and then the black hole but Enigma dies instantly and buysback. Now the Ravage and EG once again take the teamfight and with it Roshan. Meepo and Undying down with that buyback too. Excalibur may be level 25 but its not enough. The Meepo gets focused, the Black holes cancelled - EG are just finding the ways to win in each fight.52:00eu Fnatic17:30Evil Geniuses usThe game has slowed down a little now as we cross the fifty minute mark of the match. Fnatic are almost 35,000 experience behind. A mammoth figure that as the stats tell us, has only been come back from three times.56:00eu Fnatic19:30Evil Geniuses usBig black hole and Meepo goes in, and he does a huge amount of work, Tidehunter down and Templar Assassin too, for over 100 seconds - but crucially Excalibur misses the net on ppd as he was portalling out, drawing an agonised groan. But still, two nice kills ofr Fnatic and they go highground and pressure the tier three tower and get some decent damage in. Roshan is next and is claimed again by Fnatic. That really needed that to get some momentum going again.58:00eu Fnatic20:35Evil Geniuses usFiend's Grip is used in the dire jungle as Fly gets found out and sent to the fountain. Everything feels so important at the moment, both teams know that any mistake could cost them. Arteezy gets caught now and Fnatic hit a big black hole. Arteezy buy back and its a chaotic fight with all of EG escaping with slivers of health as Meepo falls, alongside Earthshaker and Undying. We cross the hour mark and EG are on the march and taking the last outer tower. The base is the next target, tier three middle down. That's all that want for now though as they back off and retreat after a big, big win.62:00eu Fnatic20:35Evil Geniuses usRefersher on Enigma, Mjollnir on Veno, Abyssal on WK - the big items are really coming out. Fnatic look to get something going with a smoke gank, but they just get revealed and EG try ti turn but Mason gets caught out and dies, Arteezy is wrecking face though, ULTRA KILL! TEAM WIPE! EG just shredded Fnatic apart, Arteezy one shotting heroes like it's no tomorrow. No buybacks on Fnatic. EG pushing barracks, two sets goine. They go for megas. THey get it. GG!