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The second season of joinDOTA League are almost over. 2500 have participated, some of the go into the playoff stage now. While most of those are fighting for a promotion, the very best are competing for the championship in jDL Europe, America, or Asia now. Here is a quick recap of the group stage and a look into the playoffs and the next season.

jDL Europe is looking at an extremely close ranking at the end of the group stage. and MeetYourMakers are sharing the first position with a 13-5 record, a tiebreak will decide about the first finalist. Power Rangers and hehe united reached the quarterfinals with Relax and Goomba just missing out. Cede Nullis and mYinsanity have to defend their slots now in the Div 1-2 playoffs against strong contendors like Ddreamteam168, Sqreen's Squad, or Micare in tenebris.

Meanwhile Sneaky Nyx Assassins have dominated jDL America, losing only a single game. Union Gaming grabbed the semifinal spot, while CNB, TOP5, and Revenge are currently tied for 3rd-5th. Besides the disband of Team eHug, NaVi.US (formerly NAR) could not finish the season due to scheduling issues. A favourite to take one of the open slots are the Argentinians from Isurus Gaming.

A huge surprise happened in jDL Asia. Invasion E-Sports from Malaysia, just being promoted from Division 2, climbed directly up to the top with a 14-4 score and is now waiting for one of the big names in the final: The defending champion Titan grabbed the second position through a 3 way tie-break , while Scythe and Arrow Gaming have to start in the first playoff round. Sadly the Asian premier division suffered the loss of three disbanded teams (First Departure, Orange, Execration) who make space for new talents now. Most promising seem the Australiens from Immunity, the only div 1 or 2 team in all leagues to finish 18-0.

Playoffs in lower division

Mainly due to ESL One and The International being around the corner, we kept the playoffs as short as possible this time. Most teams will only have to play one match or none with double elimination not being used. All playoff matches are best of three. If you finished on a position that was destined into playoffs, please have a look at your opponents and default dates now.

The league structure in season 3 and onwards

In season 3, joinDOTA League will finally reach a stable structure. Every team who played the first two seasons, should by now have reached a division that roughly matches its skill level. The amount and size of divisions should stay the same from now on. It's a little different from what we planned a few months ago, but this how jDL will look like in the next seasons:

joinDOTA League Europe
  • Division 1 (1 group, 10 teams)
  • Division 2 (3 groups, 30 teams)
  • Division 3 (8 groups, 80 teams)
  • Division 4 (16 groups, 160 teams)
  • Division 5 (up to 32 groups)
  • Division 6 (up to 64 groups)
  • Starter Division (infinite groups)
joinDOTA League America/Asia
  • Division 1 (1 group, 10 teams)
  • Division 2 (2 groups, 20 teams)
  • Division 3 (6 groups, 60 teams)
  • Division 4 (12 groups, 120 teams)
  • Division 5 (up to 24 groups)
  • Starter Division (infinite groups)
All leagues have one more division than originally planned. On the other hand the division sizes do not get more than doubled from division 3 and downwards. This allows us the possibility for really strong teams get promoted twice after just one season (you have to win your group and then go through playoffs), giving talented new squads the opportunity to climb up to a high division a little faster.