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The HyperX D2L Western Challenge playoffs are kicking off this Thursday (19.6.) with nearly $65,000 up for grabs. Six days of playoff action will pin some of the best Western teams against one another, including the DreamHack Summer second place finishers world Cloud 9 and the Summit champions us EG, to battle for a hefty sum of cold, hard cash.

With ESL One Frankfurt and the International just around the corner, it’s finally time to determine who will be the first ever HyperX D2L Western Challenge champion. Six teams made it through the group stage to compete in a double-elimination playoffs for the grand prize of $28,600, which is still climbing as each ticket sold directly increases the prize pool by $2.50. While se Alliance performed off-key during the group stages, that begun more than two months ago, they are still one of the big surprises to fall just short of the playoff stage. world Cloud 9 & ru Empire tied for the second place with us EG on top, but due to the head-to-head matchup both us EG and ru Empire find themselves given the first round bye. With six of the best Western teams clashing in what is undoubtedly an action packed tournament, it’s the perfect way to fill the void between DreamHack Summer and the ESL One Frankfurt.

The HyperX D2L Western Challenge was originally intended to have a LAN Finals, but due to the last few months being completely packed with events all around the world, it was decided to be played as online event. The on-site production of the tournament, from HyperX's offices in Los Angeles, will be provided in English by us Aaron “Ayesee” Chambers, joined by us Mark “Tralf” Seidl, via, with “Pingee” handling the Russian cast. Spanish, German, Vietnamese and Chinese streams will also be available, as the thrilling six days of pure Dota 2 action kicks off with a match between world Cloud 9 and ru RoX.KiS, this Thursday at 18:00 CEST.

Teams competing in the playoffs:

world Cloud 9
ru RoX.KiS
us Evil Geniuses
ru Team Empire
eu Fnatic
ua Na'Vi

Price distribution:

1st Place: $25,000 + 25% of ticket sales increase - ($28,600 currently)
2nd Place: $15,000 + 25% - ($18,600 currently)
3rd Place: $7,500 + 15% - ($9,700 currently)
4th Place: $2,500 + 15% - ($4,700 currently)
5th Place: 10% of ticket sales increase - ($1,460 currently)
6th Place: 10% of ticket sales increase - ($1,460 currently)

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