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The BountyHunter Series returns with another set of quality Dota 2 action, this time however, under a very different setting. The Bounty Hunter Asia Special will feature the best teams of the SEA region battling it out for $2,500. The tournament is scheduled to kick off on June 19th and with the International attendees my Arrow & kr MVP Phoenix making an appearance, it’s sure to be a doozey.

The tournament will feature 14 games in a double-elimination format, running from June 19th to June 24th. With its timing it hits the sweet spot between the major tournaments, making sure you’ll never run out of top tier Dota 2 action before the International 2014. This is also a major shift for the BountyHunter Series, which used to feature two top European teams in a single best-of-5 match-up fighting for all the glory and prize money.

The new and improved format will include Bo3 play for the Winners Bracket and Bo1s for the Losers Bracket, with a Bo3 LB final and the Grand Finals as a Bo5 spectacle. The casting of the event will be handled in English by de Jonathan “Pimpmuckl” Liebig on the BountyHunter Series Channel with Russian, Spanish, Malaysian and German broadcast options also available. If you want to support the series, as well as get your hands on a neat little courier, you can find the DotaTV ticket here.

Prize distribution:


Invited teams:

ph Mineski
th MiTH.Trust
id Zero Latitude
my Arrow Gaming
my Invasion eSports
au Team Immunity
kr Poker Face
sg Scythe

Update: Due to a mistake in scheduling kr MVP Phoenix won't be able to attend the event. Their spot is taken by their fellow korean team kr Poker Face.

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