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We've gone through three Best of 3 series out of four today, some cheered, some cried for their favorite teams and we've managed to capture it all in pictures! We've also bugged players and other personalities to answer some of our questions, check out the interviews inside.

The games of day 2 have offered so much excitement, that the last Bo3 actually had to be postponed! It was Empire's time to step up and play against Alliance today, while Cloud 9 dominated their opposition, team Mouz. If you want information about the games or see the grids, or if you want to look at today's pictures or past albums, check our coverage page. If not, we've some nice sneak peeks coming right up!

Pictures to be seen right here:

Love doves Akke and girlfriend
A watchful crowd
Team Empire in their first game of the finals
S4's in a good mood

The main interviews of the day are here:

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