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As we're already behind schedule in the Dreamleague tournament here at DHS14, the last best of three that was supposed to go down tonight, between world Mousesports and ru Team Empire got postponed until tomorrow morning at 10 am. But fear not, we still have the winner bracket final between world Cloud 9 and se Alliance left to enjoy and savour.

Game 1Game 2Game 3 world Cloud 9 vs. Alliance seBest of 3 - Game 1
0:00world Cloud 90:0Alliance seAlliance drafts AdmiralBulldog's Lone Druid along with carry Brewmaster for Loda and Cloud 9 picks up the Meepo for the second time today. Ladies and gentlemen, it is officially on!
2:10world Cloud 91:0Alliance seSingSing is off to a great start in the midlane as he helps Aui_2000's Enigma spill the first blood of the game by killing s4's Storm Spirit5:00world Cloud 92:0Alliance seStorm and Meepo battles it out in the midlane, both expecting to be one step ahead as one support for each team stood waiting in the fog. Io goes down for Alliance as Enigma once against succeeds with his gank attempt.8:50world Cloud 92:0Alliance seBoth teams seems to be happy with just farming out their lanes for now. No further aggression has been displayed.11:50world Cloud 92:0Alliance seLoda and Alliance claim the first tower kill of the game as he crumbles the tier one tower bot to dust with a little help from EGM's Io.13:10world Cloud 94:1Alliance seAfter securing their first kill of the game on Tidehunter in the botlane, the Alliance duo of s4 and EGM makes a grave mistake as they Relocate top, only to find themselves caught in the middle of a Blackhole.
The calm before the Storm
15:22world Cloud 95:2Alliance seIt is clear that s4 is managing his Storm Spirit with expertise as he kills up his second kill on EternalEnvy's Tidehunter in a tier two tower dive. One minute later, he has finished his Orchid Malevolence.20:30world Cloud 96:4Alliance seSoon after Alliance take down their second tower of the game, C9 responds with demolishing the Dire tier one mid. C9 now has four Blink Daggers on their team, Meepo, Tidehunter, Earthshaker and Enigma.23:30world Cloud 98:9Alliance seA lenghty exchange in the Radiant jungle between the 5 respective members of Alliance and C9, results in disaster for the latter. A full team wipe for only one Alliance member, because of some great coordination from the Swedes.26:40world Cloud 912:14Alliance seThe teams barely gets to take a breather before they're at it again, this time the fight included buybacks and way more deaths. Alliance manage to emerge victorious from the trade yet again.29:00world Cloud 912:16Alliance seAlliance marches forward on their road to victory, they turn two pick-offs on Meepo and Jakiro into a midlane push, brings down the tier two tower and forces out the Fortification from C9 before backing away.
34:55world Cloud 912:16Alliance seC9 moves up in the toplane and manages to bring down Alliance's tier one tower with ease, a much needed feat as they have spent the last 5 minutes in their base.36:46world Cloud 913:23Alliance seAlliance closes in on the botlane tier three tower in an attempt to finish the game. A huge fight breaks out, which the Swedes wins thanks to their gigantic lead. Another full five man wipe for Cloud9, leaves them with no other option than to concede and move on to the next game.
world Cloud 9 vs. Alliance seBest of 3 - Game 2
0:00se Alliance0:0Cloud 9 worldGame two is now under way my dear readers. We will get to witness a SingSing Mirana, Aui_2000's Leshrac and Slark for Loda. Prepare yourselves!1:20se Alliance1:0Cloud 9 worldFirst blood goes in the way of Alliance after they evaporate Io from existance in the midlane.
3:10se Alliance3:0Cloud 9 worldAlliance puts high pressure on Cloud 9 and quickly puts themselves ahead with two more kills added to the scoreboard.9:00se Alliance4:0Cloud 9 worldAkke secures another kill for his team with a well timed Glimpse on his Disruptor, Io has no chance whatsoever to survive the damage from him and AdmiralBulldog's Batrider. The goldgraph is still very even, as team Cloud 9 keeps their gold steadily rolling in with great farming.12:10se Alliance7:0Cloud 9 worldEven though C9 claims the first tower of the game in the toplane, they can't keep up with their opponents. Alliance's advantage is evolving quickly and their snowballing is now a fact.16:40se Alliance14:0Cloud 9 worldIn four minutes time, Alliance has doubled their killscore, gold lead and experience lead. s4 on Razor is now sitting on the impressive score of 6-0.20:20se Alliance18:0Cloud 9 worldAlliance manages to achieve a perfect game in every aspect of the game, except losing a tier one tower. Cloud 9 got outdrafted and outplayed in the last game and will have to brawl it out against the winner of Empire vs Mousesports tomorrow, for another shot at beating Alliance.
Game 3 has not been played as Alliance won 2-0.

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