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The first match-up of the day two pits Group Stage Champions Cloud 9 against Mousesports, who took down Fnatic convincingly in the closing match of the day one. This is the final stage of the tournament and a do-or-die situation for all the remaining teams. Who will triumph and snatch the victory? Stay tuned to find out.

Game 1Game 2Game 3world Cloud 9 vs. Mousesports worldGame 1 - Live ReportSTART!
0:30world Cloud 90:0Mousesports worldMousesports once again runs a trilane running Pajkatt's Mirana, to which Cloud9 reply with an offlane EternalEnvy, and Bone7 on the safelane solo puck.3:50world Cloud 90:3Mousesports worldMousesports swap the lanes quite successfully, getting the 1st blood as well as another kill, and managed to kill Bone7, who just tped in.5:30world Cloud 90:4Mousesports worldMSS pops the primal splits and gets a solo kill on Singsing.9:10world Cloud 90:5Mousesports worldMSS gets another solo kill, this time on AUI_200.10:00world Cloud 90:6Mousesports worldMSS finds PieLieDie in the Radiant jungle and cleans him up, with some help from the wave of terror from Misery.11:17world Cloud 91:7Mousesports worldPajkatt fimds Pieliedie in the Radiant jungle and picks him off, but Cloud9 reply by killing him back.13:00world Cloud 91:9Mousesports worldMSS blinks in and kills both EternalEnvy as well as AUI_2000 with help from Misery.18:00world Cloud 91:10Mousesports worldAfter getting the top tower, Mouz group up as 5 and head mid, resulting in a kill on Singsing and the tier1 tower.20:00world Cloud 91:11Mousesports worldMouz get roshan and the bottom tower25:12world Cloud 95:18Mousesports worldAfter picking Pajkatt off, Cloud 9 feel confident in fighting, going for a teamfight both on top as well as bottom, trading 1:0 and 3:4, respectively27:00world Cloud 95:18Mousesports worldAui_2000 gets the top tower with his Visage familiars as Mouz and Cloud 9 trade kills in the radiant jungle. Meanwhile, EE pushes the top tier2, while Mouz get the bot tier2 in return36:00world Cloud 99:29Mousesports worldMouz go for the mid highground, resulting in a huge teamfight. After winning the fight, they get the middle barracks and go instantly for the throne. With the help of buybacks, Cloud9 manage to pop the aegis and kill both FATA and Pajkatt after both of their tier-4s dropped. MSS kills Envy after his buyback, as well as AUI_2000, and Cloud9 call GG
world Cloud 9 vs Mousesports worldMousesports takes the lead 1-0Game 2 coming up next
0:00world Mousesports0:0Cloud 9 worldGame 2 is underway.1:00world Mousesports0:0Cloud 9 worldCloud9 decide to leave the offlane free for MSS, putting botht Bone7 as well as PieLieDie in the jungle.3:00world Mousesports1:1Cloud 9 worldCloud9 dive Pajkatt behind his tier1 and get the firstblood. Mouz reply by killing bone7, who rotated to save his tier1 bot, as well as securing the 1st tower of the game.5:00world Mousesports2:1Cloud 9 worldMouz dive PieLieDie behind the tier-2 bot, Pajkatt teleports bot to secure the kill.6:00world Mousesports2:2Cloud 9 worldPieliedie and Aui_2000 rotate mid and catch FATA offguard, finishing him off before he could react.7:00world Mousesports2:2Cloud 9 worldAui_2000 spams liquid fire on the tier1 top, and dives for it, but Pajkatt beats him to the deny.11:05world Mousesports3:3Cloud 9 worldEternalEnvy and Bone7 smoke bot and jump on MSS, but tp reactions from Misery and FATA get the deny on MSS as well as a kill on Bone7. Aui_2000 gets the middle tower, meanwhile.13:05world Mousesports4:4Cloud 9 worldAui_2000 trades his life for the bottom tier-1, while his team find Pajkatt on the top lane.15:30world Mousesports4:5Cloud 9 worldBone7 finds a solo kill on Pajkatt on the bottom lane.17:00world Mousesports5:6Cloud 9 worldFATA finds Aui_2000 in the dire jungle and finishes him off, but Singsing and PieLieDie find him and get the return kill. Mouz find the middle tier-1 meanwhile.20:00world Mousesports6:7Cloud 9 worldCloud9 try to sneak a roshan, but the Ancient Apparition ultimate interrupts them -and gets a kill on PieLieDie-, meanwhile, Singsing kills FATA.22:00world Mousesports8:9Cloud 9 worldCloud9 keep going for the Roshan, and Mouz keep on interrupting them. Bone7 dies twice to Pajkatt on the top lane, while Cloud9 kill off FATA and Pas. Pajkatt gets the top tower meanwhile.25:00world Mousesports9:9Cloud 9 worldCloud9 finally get Roshan, but the global presence from Mouz finishes off PieLieDie with the Nature's Prophet and Ancient Apparition ultimates.30:00world Mousesports11:11Cloud 9 worldMousesports is able to snatch another tower at top furthering their lead in both gold and experience.30:00world Mousesports11:11Cloud 9 worldMousesports is able to snatch another tower at top furthering their lead in both gold and experience.36:00world Mousesports12:13Cloud 9 worldAnother tower falls on the bottom as both teams clash head on. Cloud 9 gets a favorable trade and goes for a roshan while Nature's Prophet snatches another t2 at mid.39:00world Mousesports14:17Cloud 9 worldAnother favorable trade for Cloud 9 as the teams take on a huge fight in the Dire jungle. Mousesports lose four heroes as the entire server crashes for a second, causing everyone to disconnect. 43:00world Mousesports14:18Cloud 9 worldFATA tries to go on Doom, but Bone7's map awareness and quick blink reaction result on a kill on FATA as well as the tier-2 bottom, while Bone7 himself goes unscathed. 45:00world Mousesports14:19Cloud 9 worldA 3-man smoke from EE, Aui_2000 and Singsing smoke up the mid lane and find PaS, finishing him off immediately, as Pajkatt keeps ratting the tier-3s. 48:00world Mousesports14:19Cloud 9 worldCloud9 get the 3rd Roshan of the game, Aegis goes to EternalEnvy, while the cheese goes to PieLieDie. 50:00world Mousesports15:19Cloud 9 worldCloud9 jump on on PaS on the middle lane, but a clutch force staff from Misery saves him, as they switch their focus onto FATA who just came in. No one falls as Pajkatt forces Cloud9 to back off. Misery tries to catch Bone7 as he's backing off, but ends up dropping himself instead.52:00world Mousesports17:24Cloud 9 worldCloud9 go all in on the middle tier-2 and 3, while Pajkatt goes to rat the top lane, drops the tier 3 and the ranged barracks and forces tp reaction from Cloud9. MSS and Misery fall, however, as Envy and PieLieDie drop the middle barracks, and go for the tier3 bottom.59:20world Mousesports16:29Cloud 9 worldNP got picked off without a buyback and with big crits coming from SingSing and the unkillable Wraith King, the second set of barracks was toast. One last fight broke out, and Cloud9 came out ahead, forcing Mousesports to call the gg, evening the series 1 to 1.
world Cloud 9 vs Mousesports worldCould 9 events out the series 1-1Game 3 coming up next
0:00world Cloud 90:0Mousesports worldIt's Meepo ladies and gentlemen. The game 3 has just started.2:50world Cloud 90:1Mousesports worldFirst blood is splilled on the bottom lane as Bane gets caught by a glimpse/thunder strike combo.8:00world Cloud 91:1Mousesports worldBoth teams settle down to farm in the early stages of the game. Cloud 9 is taking a small lead.8:40world Cloud 92:2Mousesports worldAnti-climactic wombocombo on the midlane falls just a bit short and both teams scurry away having lost one member each.15:00world Cloud 96:3Mousesports worldA big team fight on the bottom lane nets Cloud 9 two kills and a tower, but they lose tier 1 mid tower in the process.17:30world Cloud 96:3Mousesports world5-man push nets Cloud 9 another tower and with Aghanim's Scepter now up on Silencer, C9 is in control of the game.18:20world Cloud 97:5Mousesports worldCloud 9 pushes for another tower, but is caught by the Song into Ravage combo and lose 2 of heroes, while still able to snatch the tower.22:00world Cloud 910:5Mousesports worldCloud 9 picks up the pace getting 3 kills all around the map, putting them even further ahead in the game.27:30world Cloud 910:5Mousesports worldRoshan and the tier 2 bottom goes to Cloud 9 as their further their 10,000 gold lead. Meanwhile Mousesports is able to get the tier 1 top.30:00world Cloud 914:6Mousesports worldMeepo Poof in forces Mousesports to spend all their ultimates and they still can't get him. Cloud 9 turns the fight and gets 4 kills in the process as well as the last remaining outer tower.32:30world Cloud 917:9Mousesports worldC9 goes highground and is able to push back Mousesports to get their first set of barracks. C9 is hungry for more, but overstays their welcome trading most of their team in the process.32:30world Cloud 922:14Mousesports worldA big teamfight outside the Dire base nets C9 the second tier 3 tower of the game, but with buybacks coming from both teams they are temporarily forced back. They go in again trading another 3 heroes in the process, still unable to get the second set of Barracks.38:40world Cloud 923:14Mousesports worldThe pickoff of FATA secures another Roshan for Cloud 9.40:57world Cloud 924:15Mousesports worldAt this point the SingSing's Meepo is unstoppable and Mousesports has other choice than to call GG, as C9 breaks their last set of Barracks.
world Cloud 9 takes the series 2-1 over world Mousesports