posted by HolyMaster,
The second season of joinDOTA League is close to the finish line. In order to stay in control of over 2500 teams in the future, we need a little help from the community. Become part of the great team that runs this world wide league along other tournaments. We're especially looking to hire admins from a few specific regions to provide help to more countries in their native language in the future.

While all communication between teams and admins has to be in English as of now, it is a long term goal of ours to change that and completely allow teams to attend with only speaking their native language. This is especially helpful for teams from countries where decent English is a rare skill.

Before we can do this big step, we need multiple reliable and experienced admins in every major language though, since the usual control structures are not going to work out anymore. Therefore we're not only looking for new reinforcements in general, but also with a local focus. We would love to have more volunteers from the regions and countries in particular:
  • Russia / CIS
  • Czech & Slovakia
  • Turkey
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Philippines

Of course we'll also accept some good applicants from other parts of the world. So if you're very interested, don't hesitate to try, no matter where you're from.

This position requires high responsibility. You always have to be neutral and fair, a distinct sense of justice is desired. Everything else can be learned. Your tasks in the tournament and league crew include replying to support tickets from users, regularly checking the status of all matches in the jDL groups you are assigned for, hosting matches in high divisions or other (semi-)pro tournaments, being part of discussing rules and guidelines, and more.

How to apply

If you're interested, please write an e-mail to If you want to be taken into consideration to become part of the crew for the upcoming third season, please submit your e-mail until June 18th. Otherwise you might have to wait some time until jDL #4 comes along, since we don't add anyone in the middle of a season.

Your application should include the following information:
  • Subject of the email should be: Application for League/Tournaments
  • Your full name and nickname
  • Age, occupation, nationality/location
  • The languages you speak
  • Your experience within eSport
  • The skills you have and how you can be a valuable member to joinDOTA.
  • Do not add any files to the application.
A big thanks in advance to everyone offering us assistance!

If you want to help joinDOTA, but league admin isn't the correct position for you, there are other opportunities well. You can find informations about all sections here.