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Today, the WPC ACE concluded, with an epic Bo7 between the chinese giants cn invictus Gaming and cn Team DK. Last year, DK managed to pull off an amazing comeback and win the title after being down 3 games. This year, iG sought revenge.
iG, the legends rise again(Image courtesy of GGnet)

The WPC went on for a bit over two months, before it finally headed into the playoffs about a week ago. Stacked with an incredible amount of high class teams, it surely wasn't set who was going to fight in the grand final, as no team really stood out but everyone delivered incredible Dota.

Despite that, cn NewBee were probably the favourites going into the competition, having shown amazing performances over the past weeks with a good winning streak going on. From the West, both se Alliance and world Cloud9 looked to breath some fresh air into the chinese scene, but it was clear that they would face a fierce competition.

Neither DK nor iG have presented them as well in the last few weeks, although both teams managed to put out dominating performances from time to time. In the tournament however, they shaped up and managed to play an incredibly disciplined Dota, maintaining their A-Game over the whole playoffs.

Going into the Final, iG surely sought revenge for last year, where DK managed to come back being down 3-0 and eventually defeating iG. This year, Chuan and company managed to topple the former champions with an impressive 4-1.

Final Standings

1st - cn invictus Gaming
2nd - cn Team DK
3rd - cn NewBee
4th - se Alliance
5th-8th - world Cloud9, my Titan, cn Dreamtime.NGC, cn Vici Gaming

Game 1

The first game saw both teams going for a pushing heavy lineup with a Lycan and Nature's Prophet for iG, while DK got the Chen and Shadow Shaman. To pose a bigger threat in teamfights, DK decided to take in both the Invoker as well as the Tidehunter with iG picking the Rubick and the Puck.

Dk started the game off great, as they managed to secure a double kill for Burning not even three minutes into the game. Dominating in the early game, DK pulled ahead, as they utilized their pushing potential to get ahead of iG and secure towers as well as Roshan. As Roshan took it's fall the third time, DK were up by two barracks and were looking to push up high ground one more time to seal the deal.

iG however managed to keep them off their up high ground with an incredibly farmed Lycan and Nature´s Prophet. With the fourth Roshan going iG's way, they went for the all-or-nothing and marched towards DK's base, bringing down the entirety of DK and claiming the throne at 63 minutes.

Game 2

In the second game, iG managed to get their hands on the infamous Batrider for YYF as well as a Morphling for Ferrari. DK answered with a midgame orientated lineup featuring Invoker, Slark and Magnus, knowing that they wouldn't be able to stand against iG later on.

The game picked off slow, with the first blood not being spilled until nine minutes into the game, when YYF used his shiny new Blink Dagger to get a kill in the midlane. Blink Dagger seemed to be the name of the game, as even Ferrari's Morphling aquired one, even after iG falling behind in the early game, due to good plays by Mushi.

With the lead of the early game, DK managed to enter a successful midgame, claiming all of iG's outer towers by minute 35 and securing a Roshan shortly after. With the Aegis upon them, they attempted to break the high ground, despite iG looking scary. The attempt however was successful, as they managed to trade the Aegis for two kills as well as the bottom barracks at 46 minutes.

Normally, with one barracks down, the enemy gradually loses out on mapcontrol and farm, but not so iG. Over the course of the next half hour(yes, you read that right), iG managed to regain lost ground and farm themselves back into the game. At that point, both teams took turn in being the aggressor, with each team fight shifting the tides of battle, no team really got the upper hand, never breaching the opposing teams highground.

In the end, iG became too much for DK to handle, as even the Mirana managed to get enough farm to pose a threat to the utility heroes and DK relied too much on Mushi's Magnus to make the game deciding plays. Even though he had a Refresher's Orb, he didn't manage to get more than two heroes in the RP, which resulted in iG rolling over DK, forcing the "GG" at 102 minutes, making it the third longest competitive Dota 2 game.

Game 3

As DK managed to get the Batrider through the Draft, iG decided to go for an early pushing lineup that could stay together and break the high ground early. Again they opted for their typical Lycanthrope, together with a tanky Viper as well as a Tidehunter.
DK decided to once more give the Kunkka to Mushi, whose performances on the hero are always incredible, as well as a Naga Siren to BurNing.

iG got a head start, securing both early kills as well as towers, slowly chipping away the space to farm for DK. However, BurNing once more proved his insane framing abilities, as he still managed to get 240 last hits in only 25 minutes. With this amount of farm up on him, iG knew that they had to pressure, but were caught by DK while doing so. A well played Song of the Siren into Ghost Ship combination by DK managed to catch out all of their opponents, leading to iG losing their entire squad at the edge of DK´s highground.

After this fight, iG seemed to be unable to fight back any longer, even though they managed to execute their next fight nicely. However, as they were forced back and lost yet another fight outside their base their time was over, as DK managed to secure their first win in the series.

Game 4

In game 4, iG once more got their hands on a strong pushing combination, drafting themselves their signature Lycan together with a Shadow Shaman and an Ember Spirit. DK approached the game with a teamfight orientated lineup to control the Ember, featuring a Brewmaster as well as an Earthshaker and finished things off with both a Weaver and a Nature's Prophet for the much needed split push.

Unlike the previous games, the fourth game started way faster and messier, with both teams trading kills back and forth, with iG managing to take the slight lead. This was also due to DK´s rather unusual laning decisions, featuring a solo mid Prophet as well as a safe lane Brewmaster, trying to get him a fast Aghanims Scepter to establish control over the team fights.

iG capitalised on every small mistake made by DK, punishing them with incredibly aggresiive plays and driving them back slowly but steadily. With two barracks down by just the 26 minute mark, DK were already on the brink of losing. After also dropping the third one and getting wiped by iG, they had no other chance to call "GG" for the third time of the day.

Game 5

The fifth game kicked off with the standard push heavy draft for iG, featuring their usual Lycan together with bot a Shadow Shaman for Faith and a Pugna for YYF.
DK answered with a heavy teamfight lineup with a lot of control against the Ember Spirit, including Doom, Batrider and Disruptor.

Once again, iG overwhelmed DK early on, getting crucial kills on Mushi's Batrider, leaving DK unable to fight and took down tower after tower, knocking at DK´s base at only the 14 minute mark. Especially CHuan's Mirana paid off, as his Arrows in combination with an early Blink Dagger for Faith were the downfall for DK.

Going into the midgame, DK´s lineup looked like it should come online every moment, but due to their lack of both farm and levels and the overall advantage for iG, DK still lost every single team fight, losing more and more map control making them susceptible to ganks. With the first set of barracks down at 22 minutes, it looked dire for DK.

Realising that they wouldn't win with their standard play, DK swarmed out of their base, looking for teamfights left and right. Despite they managed to get a good trade right off the bat, their next engagement should be the last, as they lost four heroes for nothing, leading to them calling the "GG" at 27 minutes and iG taking over the title as the champions of the WPC ACE #2 after a dominating performance with a 4-1 victory.

This article was written by de Markus Fischer, joinDOTA's Senior Writer. Vekus started to follow Dota rather late, as he joined the community in 2012. From then on he tried to get a job in Esports and found it later at joinDOTA. Reallife is mostly spend at university trying to understand physics and running. Avid wearer of Bandanas. Chemnitz, GermanyFollow him on @VekusDota.