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In response to the team's poor performance over the course of the SEA Qualifiers for The International 2014 my Orange has dropped their current roster of Dota 2 players and plans to reform with a new squad of players after TI4, with current team captain Winter taking on a coach position.
Image courtesy of Orange eSports facebook page.

Important Announcement:-

my Orange Esports DotA team will be reformed after our dismal performance in the recent TI4 SEA Qualifier and WPC Prelims in China. We hereby release and like to thank Adrian Wui Hong Rui 'Ysaera', Pun Chi Sum 'SXOCXS' and Clement Tan Lu wen 'InsidiousC' for their service and contributions over the last 3 months. Captain Winter and Sharky will stay until a new team is found after TI4. The team biggest achievement is winning the AOC Pro Cup. Meanwhile, it is good to know that Winter will be taking up a coaching job starting this upcoming WPC Playoff till TI4.

We also like to congratulate and extend our supports to my Titans and my Arrow who will bring the best of South East Asian DotA to TI4. In TI4, we will also rally behind world class DotA players hail from South East Asia - Team cn DK Mushi and iceiceice and Team cn iG Chuan. cn Orange Esports Cheers for DotA.

Team Principal

This announcement should come as no surprise to most people after the relatively poor showing my Orange showed the world during the SEA qualifiers, coming in at 5th place overall.

What do you think of this announcement? For the best or a loss to the SEA Dota 2 scene?

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