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The South American scene will be devastated to learn that Revenge has decided to voluntarily withdraw from the TI4 qualifiers due to roster changes. The Peruvians appeared to be well aware of the consequences of a roster change but decided to go ahead with it anyway. They will be replaced by Argentian Isurus.
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For many the decision may be counter-intuitive given that a roster change means they lose their chance at competing at the biggest LAN event of the year. However, given a first place finish secures a place at TI4, and a second place only puts a team with a 1-in-4 chance of making it to the finals via the Play-in tournament in Seattle, Revenge were far from certain of their place.

Revenge's record versus the other teams in the TI4 qualifiers has been poor with 7 of their last 11 losses coming against the likes of us Sneaky Nyx Assassins, us North American Rejects and us Team Liquid. More importantly, Revenge have only won 4 of their last 15 competitive matches.

Despite their poor results lately, Revenge are considered one of the best teams in South America - alongside teams such as br CNB eSports and pe Union Gaming, and their decision to withdraw could be a conscious decision to work on strengthening their team for the long haul and concentrate their efforts on smaller competitions. The other change to the list of teams for the TI4 America Qualifiers which start on 15th May, is that ca Shadows of the Past replace us Osiris, who might have disbanded if word on the street is anything to go by.

The Americas and South-East Qualifiers

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