posted by Grumbl3dook,
While the exciting Season 2 of the jDL is underway, dont forget that the cream of Season 1 is still to come. With the largest prize-pool on offer in the jDL, the Europe Division finals are sure to be hard-fought and filled with the blood, sweat and tears of Cloud 9, rox.KIS, and Empire!

Even with joinDota League's Season 2 already underway, there are still some critical matches to be played to finish off the European Division's first season. With ru Empire securing a spot in the final with their near-perfect record of 14 wins and 4 loses, the question is: who will be their rivals for the jDL top prize?

Today at 21:00 CEST, we will finally get our answer as world Cloud 9 go head to head against ru Rox.Kis for a place in the final. Rox have won two of the last three confrontations with two 1-0 victories in the StarSeries, but most recently C9 was victorious 2-0 in the D2L Western Challenge, so things couldn't be more tied.

With C9 securing an invitation to TI4 they might be feeling like the superior team, but Rox.Kis will be looking to dominate the TI4 qualifiers and a victory here against an invited team here would send a strong message that they are still contenders for the grand prize. Empire are also sure to be watching this match closely - Their record against Rox.Kis is much stronger than against C9, so they'll be eager to see the more familiar Rox.Kis squad secure the win.

What makes this match up even more exciting is that the European Division has the largest prizepool of all the jDL Divisions - double what was up for grabs for the American and Asian teams. As we prepare to close the book on jDL Season 1, these final few matches are shaping up to be the most intense face-off yet!

Check out the match page here, and make sure you've made some space in your calendar!