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Due to the tight tournament schedule, eu Cloud9 have decided to cancel their participation in the third season of the DOTA 2 ChampionsLeague, despite their second place in the last one, where they lost 3-1 to ua Na`Vi in the grand finals.

It's sad to admit, but our two-time finalists will not be able to participate in new season. We understand that teams have really tight schedules and respect the decision of Cloud 9 management. Without any doubt, Evil Geniuses are in great shape and are a worthy substitution for Cloud 9.

Artem 'Fairon' Bykov, D2CL product manager

Substitute will be us Evil Geniuses who have just been crown champions in the joinDOTA League America moments ago. The boys around ca Artour Arteezy Babaev will enter the action tomorrow against ru [color=gold]Relax[/color] in a best of two. But previously there will be more games in Group 2: se [color=gold]The Alliance[/color] will take on ru rox.KIS at 18.00 CEST, who will play ru [color=gold]Virtus.Pro[/color] afterwards at 21 CEST. All matches will of course be broadcasted on joinDOTA's DailyMotionstream.

D2CL S3 Competitor List

ua Natus Vincere
ru Empire
ru RoX.Kis
ru Virtus.Pro
ru Relax
ru DreamTeam168(ex-AheadGaming)
us Evil Geniuses
by Power Rangers
kz NEXT.Kz
se Alliance
eu Fnatic
dk Meet Your Makers

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