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The famous ukranian squad ua Natus Vincere won´t attend this years DreamHack Bucharest, as three of their players are sick. However, their remaining squad will attend, as they got reinforcements by ro Cede Nullis.
Banana for scale(Image courtesy of Na´Vi)

Just about an hour ago, Na´Vi announced on their Facebook account, that they won´t be able to attend DreamHack Bucharest this year, as ee Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov, de Kuro 'KuroKy' Takhasomi and ua Gleb 'Funnik' Lipatnikov are experiencing unfortunate health problems.

Fortunately, ua Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin and ua Aleksander 'XBOCT' Dashkevich will still attend the event, as they reinforce their ranks with ro Ionut 'ArisE' Turtoi, ro Andrei 'Zizou' Zisu from the Romanian squad ro Cede Nullis as well as ro Alex 'ComeWithMe' Craciunescu.

If you want to know more about the upcoming event, make sure to check out our announcement.

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