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onGamers have just released a very emotional interview they conducted with my Chuan 'Chuan' Wong Hock after the elimination of Invictus Gaming at the StarLadder Season IX Lan Finals. In these 15 minutes the International 2012 Champion is fighting to not tear up as he talks about internal problems and his future in DOTA 2.

Is there any reason behind why your team couldn't perform like they normally do?

Luo is slightly less experienced, he comes from a B-Team in China and ingame wise there was a lot of disagreement within the team.

Is this something you are looking to address in the future? Or is this something that comes with experience

I feel the issues within the team can not be fixed before TI4, what is the biggest problem. (...) I am actually considering to leave the team after this tournament!

Would receiving an Invite to TI4 change things for you?

Even if we get a direct invite to the International, it won't change my view of the team. If the team doesn't change, I will leave the team, be it with an invite or not!

What drove you back to DOTA2 ? What made you rejoin the team?

My motivation came back from watching exciting pro matches like last StarLadder Finals or the WPC Finals where DK came back to a 4-3 win. It came back from watching other teams win tournaments where they were behind.

What did you think of Invictus Gaming's performance at StarLadder IX?
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