posted by Vekus,
The D2CL is back for its third season! Once again, 12 of the best teams from Europe and CIS will battle it out in an online environment for your enjoyment.

Just like the last season, the initial prize pool will be $50,000 however fans and supporters can raise the stakes by buying DotaTV tickets. The tickets will be sold for $10 each, from which $2.50 will be added directly towards the prize pool. With each ticket you not only can watch the games in the client and have a chance to receive an ingame tournament drop, but you will also receive the Djinn Slayer Bounty Hunter Set.

"For the right price, anything"

Do not underestimate the value of your contribution, as the last seasons prize pool was increased by nearly 1.5 times.

The tournament will kick off soon, and by soon we mean tomorrow, on the 25th of April! By the end of May, the new champion of the D2CL will be crowned. So far, se Alliance managed to top everybody in season 1, while ua Natus Vincere were victorious in the second season...who will manage to fight his way to the top this time?

The coverage for the Dota2 Champons League will be brought to you by your very own joinDOTA, so make sure you tune in!

D2CL S3 Competitor List

ua Natus Vincere
ru Empire
ru RoX.Kis
ru Virtus.Pro
ru Relax
ru DreamTeam168(ex-AheadGaming)
by Power Rangers
kz NEXT.Kz
se Alliance
eu Cloud9
eu Fnatic
dk Meet Your Makers