StarLadder IX: All interviews and media

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With the StarLadder IX Lan finals the talking point of the weekend, we've gathered together all the media and interviews from various sources into one place, so you can get your StarLadder fix while we wait until the tournament's finale tomorrow. Update: Mushi, BurNing, Goblak, LightofHeaven and prize ceremony added. Event Area

Player Lounge overview by Navi.DOTA2

Players Lounge #2 by Navi.DOTA2

Day 1 overview (also used as a trailer)



Dendi interview by CyborgMatt (OnGamers)

AdmiralBullDog interview on stream by BeyondTheSummit

Arteezy and Zai pre-Alliance game by dotasltv

Arteezy interview by CyborgMatt (OnGamers)

IceiceIce interviews Burning

IceIceIce interview on stream by BeyondTheSummit

IceIceIce interview by Navi.DOTA2

IceIceIce interview by CyborgMatt (OnGamers)

EternalEnvy interview on stream by BeyondTheSummit

Empire Vanksor interview on stream by BeyondTheSummit

Vanksor interview by CyborgMatt (OnGamers)

MVP.March Interview on stream by BeyondTheSummit

Empire.Mag interview (in Russian) by Navi.DOTA2

LightofHeaven Interview with Eng subs (click captions) by Navi.DOTA2

Mushi interview by Navi.DOTA2

Mushi interview by StarLadder

Goblak interview by Ongamers

Interview with Alliance Manager Kellymilkies by SLTV

Emotional interview with ChuaN by onGamers

Prize Ceremony by Navi.DOTA2


StarLadder and V1lat took two galleries full of pictures from the event which you can find here and here.

A few more pics are on Vl1at's Instagram

Any great media you saw or watched that's not here?
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