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It's been three months since we announced joinDOTA League for the first time. The first season turned out to be a huge success with over 2500 teams from all over the globe participating, making it the world's biggest Dota 2 amateur league from the get go. Now, with the first champions (almost) being crowned, and hundreds of teams being promoted to a higher division, we are ready to go into season two.

The first place in jDL Asia went to my Titan who came back to defeat my Arrow Gaming in the final after previously losing to them in the groupstage. America is waiting for the grand final between the US giants us Team Liquid and us Evil Geniuses to be played out. Meanwhile ru Team Empire is about to meet either world Cloud 9 or ru roX.KIS in the final for Europe.

Season 2 default dates

Due to huge events like ESL One, Dreamhack, and of course The International coming up in the next few months, the default dates will not exclusively be Sundays this season. Instead we add Thursday as the secondary joinDOTA League day, so nobody is forced to play while one of the biggest competitions of the year is running. Those are the dates you should mark in your calendar:
  • Playday 1: Sunday, April 27
  • Playday 2: Sunday, May 04
  • Playday 3: Thursday, May 08
  • Playday 4: Sunday, May 11
  • Playday 5: Thursday, May 15
  • Playday 6: Sunday, May 18
  • Playday 7: Sunday, May 25
  • Playday 8: Thursday, May 29
  • Playday 9: Sunday, June 01
  • Tiebreaks: Sunday, June 08
  • Playoff PD1: Thursday, June 19
  • Playoff PD2: Sunday, June 22
  • Playoff PD3: Thursday, June 26
The default times on Thursday are going to be 14 CET for Asia, 20 CET for Europe, 02 CET for America. The times on Sunday stay the same as last season (11/16/21 CET). Of course it will still be possibly for the teams to reschedule their matches to days and times that fit everyone involved.

Don't forget to sign up again

Wether you played in season one or not, you have to sign up again now. This is needed in order to get rid of inactive teams and ensure a smooth running of the new edition. After signing up, you will automatically be assigned to a group in the correct division, based on your results in the previous season.

The sign-ups will close next Monday at 12:00 CET.

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