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The American division of the MLG T.K.O has just come to an exciting conclusion, as the two American giants us Evil Geniuses and us Team Liquid battled for supremacy in a best of five Grand Finals. Take a look inside to see who edged on top and snatched a lion’s share of the impressive $30,000 prize pool.

Photo courtesy of Team Liquid

The first game went to EG rather convincingly as Team Liquid was never really able to get their sturdy lineup off the ground under the methodical pressure from the opposing team. While EG was inching ahead in both gold and experience early on, with the help of jungling Enigma and a few carefully executed tower kills, they were never really that far ahead.

The tipping point of the game was seen at the 22 minute mark when Liquid was caught with their trousers down and critically overestimated their team fight potential, trading their full roster for a single kill on Beastmaster and an Aegis of Immortal. From here on out EG never gave Liquid a moment to catch their breath and with the gold and experience lead reaching critical mass, Liquid had no other choice than to call the well-deserved GG.

EG takes the Game 1 and now leads 2-0 due to their one game advantage from Stage Three.

Funny Fact #1:

FLUFFNSTUFF, who was recently removed from Team Liquid’s roster due to internal arguments, stood in for Team Liquid as Waytosexy was experiencing some connection problems.

Not even the big bad wolf can escape the flames...

In the game two Liquid was once again at the receiving end as EG’s superior laning decisions paid dividends early on and they were able to accumulate an impressive 5,000+ gold lead in the first 10 minutes. With the offensive tri-lane against the Ember Spirit and a safe lane farming Troll Warlord EG edged over their opponent on every lane and kept on building their lead as the game went on.

Despite getting caught out multiple times over the course of next 15 minutes the gold graph kept on inching towards the sky as EG moved in to break the spirits of Team Liquid once and for all. The push to the high ground was repelled by Liquid time and time again and little by little the game seemed to be turning around from what felt like an insurmountable lead. The valiant defense paid off as Liquid managed to initiate a brilliant team fight near the tier 2 tower on the mid lane resulting in a full team wipe with just over 33 minutes on the clock. Just few minutes later in an incredible wrap-around smoke and a head on collision with the opponent, Team Liquid were able demolish the key heroes of EG thanks to us BuLba's astounding 4-man impale and a brilliant team fight coordination. Bummed by yet another team fight loss ca Arteezy called the GG as EG set their sights on game three.

Liquid bounce back to take an important victory. The game is now 2-1 in the favor of EG.

Funny Fact #2:

Team Liquid were never, in the entire game, ahead in gold and still were able to win, ending the game around 5,000 gold behind EG.

Hope it was worth the Cheese...

Game three was definitely the closest of the series and one of the most entertaining thrillers that you could ever ask for. One team was never ahead for more than a step apart from the beginning, which was the complete opposite of the previous two games. 5 on 5 clash in the Radiant jungle before the creeps had even hit the road left EG limping back into their base with three deaths on the book. With such an early lead Liquid was able put pressure on the EG’s lineup and net a kill after another, putting them slightly ahead in both levels and experience. The next 20 minutes or so was a testament to the intelligence and patience of both teams. Despite trading kills and towers left and right they both kept on building upon their strengths as the game was inching towards the ultra-late game.

With a few key pickoffs on us TC’s Mirana and de Qojqva’s Naga Siren, forcing the buybacks on cooldown around a 36 minute mark gave the opportunity for EG to cut the cord and finally end the struggle. An unfortunate arrow from TC aided EG to a quick Roshan as de Qojqva’s Naga Siren swoop in with the song and snatched the cheese before EG could pick it up. A chase ensued through the Radiant jungle where Naga ultimately got caught by the EG squad and killed for the next 88 seconds along with us TC's Mirana. EG turned to mid lane and went for the game-ending GG push. Despite all their effort the wounded Liquid was unable to keep the enemy at bay and was forced to tap out as EG finished the series in a convincing 3-1 fashion.

EG hammers the last nail in the coffin taking the series 3-1 over Team Liquid.

Funny Fact #3:

The value of both teams combined at the end of the game was 160,300 and still the gold lead never ticked above 4,500 for either of the teams.

An entertaining series of high-caliber dota ended with us Evil Geniuses beating us Team Liquid 3 to 1. This concludes the first half of MLG T.K.O with the European Finals still to come. Stay tuned as eu Fnatic and ru Team Empire butt their heads together in a best of five grand finals for all the marbles and a hefty sum of cash. More information about the time and date of the European finals will be announced later.

Grand Final Vods:

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