posted by Malystryx.GDS,
Cloud9 have only one shot left at qualifying for the final stage of the MLG T.K.O. after losing to Team EG 3-0. They are facing Team Liquid right NOW! Team Liquid will have Demon standing-in for the team following the departure of Fluff yesterday. To have a good chance of reaching the grand finals they will need a clean victory.

At the moment Team EG sit at the top of the group with 4 points while Team Liquid are in second place with 1 point. Bonus points from the previous round carry on into stage 3, which means Team Liquid already are ahead of Cloud9 without having played any matches. This slight advantage means that Cloud9, to be in with a reasonable chance of coming in second place overall, need to win at least two games this evening. The third stage of the MLG T.K.O. sees the three teams play a round-robin, with all three games in the series being played.

However, even if Cloud9 do win decisively their fate still remains in the hands of Team Liquid who will face Team EG tomorrow evening at 9pm CET. Team Liquid, despite their rocky results of late, still managed to pull out the big results in the matches that mattered, which included a 2-0 victory against world Cloud9 earlier in the group stages of the MLG T.K.O. USA. In that match us Brian "FLUFFNSTUFF" Lee was the drafter, so it will be interesting to see who takes the helm for Team Liquid in their first MLG match post-Fluff. For Cloud9 this is make or break-time, if there was a moment to take advantage of Team Liquid's instability, it would be tonight.

Follow the match at 9pm CET on the MLG livestream