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The last playday of joinDOTA League season one is behind us and we're one week away from the playoffs. The last few postponed matches are yet to be done before the tiebreaks conclude the groups. For all the participants wondering, what's going on now, and how to continue, you'll find the answers to all your questions right here inside this infopost.

How are ties settled?

If two or more teams are tied with the same amount of wins, deciding games are played (unless all involved teams have the same destination anyway). Those will be created by the league admins within the next two days. If you are tied, but no tiebreak match is crated until Wednesday night, please submit a support ticket. If teams are tied again after the tiebreak games, a timerating will decide about the outcome (that can happen in a three-way-tie).

Only one game is played at tiebreak matches ('best of one'). They have the same scheduling rules as normal group matches. Default day is March 30th, one week after the last playday.

How do the playoffs work?

This differs from division to division of course, so let's go through the list

Championship playoffs (all regions)

The 3rd and 4th place from each premier division meet in the quarterfinal. The winner resumes to face the 2nd placed team in the semifinal of that, while the 1st placed team from the groupstage is waiting in the grand final. All matches are best of three and will be broadcasted by joinDOTA. Scheduling will be done by the administration.

Div 1-2 Europe / Div 1-2 Asia

The Europen playoffs are the only standard playoff this season as described here. The 8th and 9th place from div 1 meet the 1st and 2nd placed teams from div 2 in a double elimination bracket. Default dates are April 6th and 13th. The Asia Div 1-2 playoffs will work the same, just with 4 teams instead of 8.

Div 2-4 Europe / Div 1-3 America / Div 2-3 Asia

144 group winners in Starter Div Europe is a lot (72 in America, 56 in Asia). Therefore these playoffs have many rounds, which makes it impossible for us to allow free scheduling. That means all of these matches HAVE to be played on April 6th and 13th. We know this might be an issue for some teams, and we apologize for this. Large playoffs like this will be a one time thing though, in future seasons free scheduling for the playoffs will always be possible. Format is single elimination.

Div 4-5 Europe / Div 3-4 America / Div 3-4 Asia

One best of three match against a random opponent. Default date is April 6th.

Div 5-S Europe / Div 4-S America / Div 4-S Asia

One best of three match against a random opponent. Default date is April 6th.

When does the second season start?

The new season is going to start in late April. Keep in mind: No matter what division you played in or qualified for, you need to sign up again for season 2. If you do so, you will automatically be seeded into the correct division based on your season 1 result. This activity check will be done before every new season.

The sign-ups will run from April 14 (Monday) to April 20 (Sunday)

The default date for the first playday will be April 27.