jD Staff Cup #2

posted by HolyMaster,
It's time for the second jD internal staff cup. After the first edition with 4 teams was gloriously taken by the tournament crew led by HolyMaster, it will hopefully be even bigger and better this time.

Date: Saturday, March 22nd
Time: We start at ~17 CET, it might take long (depending on the number of teams)

Format: Depends on the number of teams, probably one game double elimination
I suggest CD as game mode, but we can change that, if the majority wants it


I'm hoping for 8-12 teams. Here are my suggestion for teams, captains are bold.

Casters/F4u: Maelk, Toby, Cap, Benny, Nahaz, Kibyu, Presque
League #1: HolyMaster, P4iN, h0lj, Mulerio, Moose
League #2: hjort, DivinePurity, Monkas, Hilium
League #3: LoG_Reeper, Frozen, Benjiman, V3trox, Black_Mage
Editorial #1 - Don't Ban Tusk: Malystryx, SohNata, Welshy, Genghis, Meliora.Infinitum, Jooehn
Editorial #2 - MalyHunters: Chris.Warrior, Bindi, Cletis, AbydoS-, Jessica
Matchticker #1: nooDy, GekoNs, Phew, Fenfen, Notorum, Stephen289, marmutertawa, Endrizzt
Forum: Woodsy, Marre, sseebbee, Shrimpy, Ogre, Greye