StarLadder s9: The story so far

posted by SuperCletis,
ru Empire, ua Na'Vi, and se Alliance sit at the top of the division in the early stages of EU; the final four of Korean SL are decided; cn IG leads the charge into the Chinese semi-finals; and the American division is still wide open.

With nearly all of the favorites to attend this year's International sitting amongst the large pool of competitors (the 40-team field is the largest field in StarLadder history!) this ninth installment of StarLadder has not disappointed.

Even though the Chinese semifinal is already decided, we are just over a third of the way through the 204 regional matches. The best teams from Korea, China, Europe and America are all competing for a prize pool that already exceeds over $140,000 USD, with the top team getting 45% of that ever-growing number.

StarSeries Europe
Team Empire lead the way with 7 wins out of 8 in StarSeries Europe as expected given their remarkable form in the last few months. by Power Rangers sit at fourth but have yet to face a top-tier team so far, and the results of their next matches versus us Cloud9 and kz Next may give a better insight into whether they can keep up the pace. kz Next have struggled in their opening four matches despite them being against teams they should have had a shot at beating such as ru VP, ru Relax and ru The Retry. Teams with several games in hand are eu Fnatic and eu Sigma, who will be expected to contest for a top four finish.

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