posted by SuperCletis,
Denial eSports' Dota 2 team has folded. As a result they will be forfeiting their spots in several current competitions including the jDL as well as their invite to the upcoming Star Series America.

As a result of the departure of three players, us Denial eSports competitive Dota 2 squad has disbanded. For some it may have seemed inevitable that a team that has been in almost constant transition would eventually fold. Although the team manager's announcement seems clear that the team has disbanded, their website still shows the remaining two players as being active. Perhaps Denial eSports hopes to build around these two players and continue the company's presence in the free-to-play Steam platform. The two who remain, Exiled and Dfekt, both take up support roles in game, so if Denial does hope to re-form a Dota 2 squad, they'll need to add three core players.

The full quote from Team Manager, DizZ:

We at Denial are sad to say that the Denial eSports Dota2 team has disbanded this past week. New recruits whiteBeard and Dragonfits had gone to join another team and we wish them the best of luck. Smurf- has chosen to return to schooling and take a break from competitive dota2. With that said, Denial has backed out of all tournaments & games they were currently in. Giving up the 1st place Ladder spot at ESP, their invite to Star Series America and the remaining games of the Joindota League. Thanks for rooting for us, and we may possibly return to the scene in the future. - DizZ, Team Manager for Denial eSports Dota2.

Current Active Roster

us Nate "Exiled" Skiffington (Captain)
us Sean "Dfekt" Asquith