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In a recent tweet Black^ divulges his disappearance from competitive Dota, his experiences with cn LGD, and his plans for the future. He remains hungry, optimistic, and in search for a stable team.

Happier times :(

Black^ confides how his plans with cn LGD.Ruru to form a new team were unfruitful and how his tenure in China has finally come to an end.

[blockquote]Anyway I talked to Iceiceice,Burning and Mushi, and they said, even if I was able to master Chinese, it would still be almost impossible for me to find a team in China, because they have a close inner circle of players from whom they build the top teams[/blockquote]

He admits he hasn't played competitively in three to four months and that at this point it will be difficult finding a team so close to TI4.

[blockquote]I am really hungry to get back into the scene and compete again...I won't stop fighting to find a new team, but I have already made peace with the possibility that I might not be able to compete at this TI.[/blockquote]

Even though Black^ has been involved in a string of unstable teams he remains optimistic and focused for the future. In the event he isn't able to find a stable team in time for TI4 Black^ writes:

[blockquote]If that happens, I will invest into the future and redouble my efforts to earn a spot at TI5. I've had a difficult time finding a stable team, but I won't give up. I love this game, I love the competition, and I intend to continue pouring myself into it.[/blockquote]

To many this may come as a surprise and possibly as a disappointment but we can only wish Black^ the best luck and success in the future on behalf of joinDOTA.

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