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cn DK are back from their slumber but appear bleary eyed and bewildered by cn CIS. CIS ended Newbee's title hopes on the very day that it was announced Xiao8's transfer had cost NB $81,000, so the team could have been in no better state to face-off against the ACE Dota 2 League champs.

DK vs CIS: The Wrath of the Heavens

CIS secured some pretty “OP” heroes from earlier patches – such as the Io, Magnus, Batrider, and even Naga. However, DK drafted a truly global line up. Starting with the Nature’s Prophet and ending with the Zeus, DK’s team had excellent synergy, strong ganking potential, and tons of team fight damage. Early on in the game DK bulldozed into the enemy forest and with a key Nyx stun were able to secure the first blood for Mushi. With that excellent advantage, Mushi was able to acquire his farm and levels in the mid lane, bullying the poor Batrider as he crept forwards for some last hits.

To continue their momentum DK began an early push on top lane taking down two quick towers. CIS was unable to defend as many of their heroes were underlevelled and without key items. DK began to secure a significant advantage as their global line up punished CIS as Mushi and iceiceice acquired multiple kills.

CIS was eventually able to obtain blink daggers on Magnus and Batrider, and even a forcestaff on Ursa, however, after a dominant mid-game DK played it safe and chose to farm up and carefully push into high-ground. In the end, DK had too much burst damage and control in the team fights for CIS to handle. CIS was unable to punish DK’s cores, with the Batrider pick achieving little, and played from a deficit the entire game.

CIS were a bit lost and lacked leadership after having a poor start to the game; they never quite emerged from their slump.

MMY! and Nyx shenanigans

DK vs CIS: Stylistic Revenge

CIS immediately decided to go into game 2 more aggressively. Opting for an early smoke into Roshan, Tuskar’s frozen sigil, Luna’s aura, and Nature’s Prophet’s Treants made for an easy defeat on the lumbering Roshan. DK realised that CIS could potentially kill Roshan, but moved into position just as he was about to die. LanM on Enchantress almost gave up first blood, but was forced into levelling up his Nature’s Attendants. This proved costly for DK as their trilane was already weak in comparison to that of CIS.

After some close engagements CIS managed to take first blood by killing the Enchantress. DK was badly positioned in their trilane and they lacked damage. CIS already had a level advantage with an aegis on Luna. Soon after DK’s trilane crumbles; CIS increases the pressure as they realise the lane is abandoned by iceiceice and Mushi. The Nature’s Prophet helps obtain additional kills bottom and at this point DK’s trilane is looking massively underlevelled. CIS begins to 5-man and take towers that fall largely uncontested.

At certain points it appeared that DK had the potential for a comeback, with Mushi initiating key fights and iceiceice landing deterring tornadoes and EMPs, but DK lacked durability and CIS were able to lunge through their defences. After a final Roshan CIS were able to breach high ground and June got an easy Ultra Kill on the Luna.

We're beginning to see that CIS play with greater direction and focus when they are in control of the pace of the game. Mushi seemed a bit lost on the offlane and DK’s trilane was largely out-maneuverered by that of CIS.

Tuskar looking pleased with himself

DK vs CIS: A Close Call

Team DK were eager pick the Templar Assassin early on in the draft but were forced to draft around it after CIS immediately picked the Batrider. Team DK opted for a pushing line-up with early kill potential and without a conventional carry. Even with the favourable Batrider vs Templar Assassin lane, CIS decided to send the Invoker mid and let the Batrider solo Doom. CIS drafted a strong killing trilane with the Ancient Apparition and Wraith King.

DK’s trilane was off to a bad start as Burning barely got any last hits and MMY! gave up the first blood to ruoli. However, LaNm was bang on the money with his early rotation and was able to take two counter kills on the supports.

After those early kills Burning was able to secure a little CS, but June on the Wraith King was still massively out-farming him. With some early rotations DK managed to push back CIS’s trilane and free up space for Pugna. Iceiceice opted for early arcane boots for early skirmishes and to assist his mana-reliant team. The mid lane was mostly break-even, but with Mushi having a slight edge with the creeps. At around 9 minutes DK decided to take mid and were able to do so without a fight. Soon after taking the tower DK retreated to farm key items, such as the mekansm and drums, and then proceeded to bring down Roshan.

CIS were itching for a fight as blink dagger was ready on Batrider, armlet on Wraith King, and the midas was online for the Invoker. They attempted to push down mid, but had a change of heart as Doom and Templar Assassin were split pushing the side lanes. After a critical fight at the Radiant bot tier 2 tower, where DK brought down the tower and the Wraith King, DK were clearly in the lead.

Eventually, the far superior team fighting capabilities of DK and the necronomicons proved overwhelming for CIS. The game ended with Mushi taking an effortless Ultra Kill against CIS.

CIS could have won this game with better decisions during the mid-game, but they began to disintegrate as LaNm wrecked their trilane. They were unable to pay dividends for either the Batrider pick or the exort Invoker and it cost them.

LaNm and his trusty minion

After a precarious and hard-earned victory, are cn DK able to shape up in time to play the other big teams? It might be too early to foretell, but whispers are already beginning to circulate that cn LGD may be the biggest challenger to cn DK.