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Many of us have been wondering how our MMR ranks in comparison to other players. We’ve tried to figure out the MMR of various pro players and the highest MMR in Dota 2. With Dota 2 Toplist we can do just that! [image by MrScrake]

What It Is
Dota 2 Toplist is a website created by bontscho that tracks your MMR, this is how it works:
You can choose to show your name or remain Anonymous on the MMR lists for Solo and Party Ranking.
You can see your MMR relative to all other people that have signed up.
Your personal MMR graph changes over times and allows you to track your progress in quantified terms.
Your MMR gets updated every 24 hours.
The website includes distributions graphs for both Solo and Party ratings.

How It Works
You sign in to the website via Steam.
You sign up to SteamTracks (via the website).
You then add the tracking bot.
Once SteamTracks is authorized and you start playing ranked games the bot updates your profile.

What SteamTracks Is
bontscho is very clear about the importance of privacy and the legitimacy of SteamTracks.

“SteamTracks is an oauth like api that utilizes bots to track user information and gives full control to the users to decide what application they want to share which information with. It is fully compliant with valves privacy concerns and every user is in full control over the data he/she shares.”

SteamTracks is a data API that only shares information that you allow it to share (by adding a bot that tracks your data). Essentially, SteamTracks is a manager for what applications you give access to which bits of information, similar to Facebook and Google applications. Dota 2 Toplist is an application that works through SteamTracks that only requires basic information such as your name and MMR ratings to function.

Some pros who have already signed up include Wagamama (6522), Arteezy (6264), and Strangby (5749). The highest MMR featured on the website is that of the mysterious “arrow guy”, ↑↑↓↓←→←→, with an absurd solo MMR of 6808*.
*MMR shown is relative to the time of writing.

Expansion and the Website Founder, bontscho
bontscho manages the website himself, including all of the programming and maintenance. He started the project with the idea in mind to incorporate the SteamTracks API with a way to track and help improve your MMR.

According to bontscho, expansion is possible in the future using the SteamTracks infrastructure, as well as the implementation of additional site features, some of which will be announced soon! However, he wants to keep the site simple and limited in what it does to ensure quality of features.

“Currently I’m focusing on stabilizing and observing the infrastructure since the huge player surge gives good feedback on where problems are and how to resolve them.”

Make sure to follow Dota 2 Toplist's Reddit thread and its Twitter for server-related updates!