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cn NewB faced disaster today as a relatively unknown team, cn CIS, stampeded through Director 8's lofty defences. Are these ill omens for the team that was made with the intention to be the best in China? The result sees NB eliminated from the Sina Cup Supernova.

NewB vs CIS: Tony the Temper

Both drafts were indicative of an earlier meta-game, with picks favoured that are becoming unpopular in Europe during 6.80. NewB secured a better draft overall, as they managed to have control, ganking potential, and versatility with their picks. CIS’s draft did not synergize well and their Magnus pick, a last-ditch effort to have lockdown for the Tiny, did not work with their other picks.

NewB managed to win all their lanes in some capacity and CIS was not able to punish the Tiny+Io safe lane. Soon after KingJ hit level six on his bounty, NewB started to rotate and gank mid lane as Mu continued to farm his ancients.

Overall, CIS was not able to punish any of NewB’s cores and their Clinkz, who albeit secured decent farm, was lacklustre against the over farmed and over level heroes of NewB. It was a convincing stomp by NewB, but NewB’s team-fight execution during the mid-game seemed sloppy and desultory.

Director 8 manages to secure the tether on the Seige Unit, but Tony is left wondering...

NewB vs CIS: A Stroke of Genius?

This time round both drafts were more current, but with CIS going for a more experimental and innovative strategy. CIS’s draft featured many stuns but also rather level dependant heroes. NewB’s draft on the other hand was clunky, with farm hungry and farm dependent heroes such as the Weaver, Nature’s Prophet, and the Storm Spirit.

During the early game NewB ran an aggressive trilane and demolished the Invoker. Getting two fast kills and diving him behind his tower, they pushed the Invoker out of his lane. However, at this point everything with CIS suddenly “clicked”. They realised they needed to rotate the Invoker and activate hyper aggressive YOLO-mode. They began to quad-lane top and secure multiple kills as the Mirana and Sand King worked flawlessly in tandem. The Mirana landed multiple key arrows and CIS quickly began to get their levels as Invoker rotated back to the empty bot lane to farm.

NewB was unable to match CIS’s aggression as they lacked damage, control, and farm. NewB retreated to try and farm up, but CIS kept finding their heroes and picking them off. CIS was able to successfully transition from a ganking line up into base siege with a significant gold and XP advantage.

All in all a remarkable performance by CIS, showcasing their individual talent, team work, and aggression. NewB disappointed with a “conservative” draft and uninspired execution during the mid-game.

After elaborate juking by Hao on the Weaver, Sand King cannot believe his luck when Weaver walks right past him. Surprised? Panic much? Stun level = n0tail.

NewB vs CIS: Artillery - Rifles and Arrows

NewB were in serious mode as they drafted relatively strong picks, but again CIS were even more innovative, and with an unusual sniper pick up their draft strangely seemed to work quite well. During the early game CIS was off to a rocky start as the Bane, Luna, Visage trilane continuously killed the Timbersaw. However, they dived a bit too far one time in an attempt to kill him and the Mirana and Naga were able to secure two key counter kills.

The Mirana and Naga combo continued to wreak havoc on the NewB lines, killing the DK, and creating chaos in the team fights. The sniper was left relatively uncontested after one gank and NewB wasn’t effective either with their ganks or their rotations.

Ayo played a pretty flawless game on the Mirana and landed several critical arrows. Their Slark was able to farm well and during the main mid-game engagements NewB seemed to be fighting from their back feet. The Timbersaw was able to find his farm and CIS began to out-maneuverer NewB as the Luna was a poor match for a late game Slark and Sniper. A text-book game of how to play Mirana and why maxing shrapnel on Sniper isn’t always such a bad idea.


Even though this is NewB's first official match and they still need to practice and develop as a team, will this rocky beginning kill their self-esteem? CIS, although with a weak start in Game 1, came back and over two games exerted their dominance and their style. With an average age of just 19 in Team CIS, is this young team headed for big things?