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DotaCinema have announced their first tournament of 2014, heralding the first ever competitive Captain's Draft tournament, with se Alliance, ua Na'Vi and eu amongst those participating with over $20,000 on the line. A minimum of $20,000 will be at stake in the XMG Captains' Draft Invitational, which will be taking place in mid-February. This will bring Captain's Draft into the competitive environment for the first time, featuring a round-robin league before the top four teams go into the playoffs. Six teams from the western scene will be participating in the tournament, with games casted by us Shannon "SUNSfan" Scotten and dk Troels "syndereN" Nielsen on as well as right here on the joinDOTA website.

Captain's Draft in action. Click to Enlarge.

XMG are sponsoring the prize pool, which is worth at least $20,000 and will be boosted by 25% of DotaCinema's ticket sales for the tournament. First place can expect to take 50% of the prize fund, with 25% going to second and the third/fourth place finishers getting a 12.5% share. One interesting aspect of this tournament will be seeing players dragged out of their comfort zone and unable to rely on tried and tested lineups, with Captain's Draft conjuring up a pool of 24 random heroes, with 8 of each primary attribute and a less extensive ban phase than Captain's Mode.

Participating Teams

[b]eu Fnatic
se Alliance
ua Natus Vincere
ru RoX.kis
us Team Liquid[/b]

Group Stage