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The joinDOTA League DotaTV ticket is in the store, and the prizepool is starting to grow. If you're not certain yet, what you can expect for buying this, and what happens with your money, here is an overview with all the details you need to know about ticket prize, provided content, prizepool, and prize distribution.

What does the ticket cost? Where can I buy it?

The joinDOTA League Season 1 DotaTV ticket costs 2,99 USD (or 2,19 EUR). You can find it in the Dota 2 Store, the category is Pro Shop => Tournaments. You can either access the store in Dota 2 itself or on the website. Here is the direct url to the ticket.

What exactly do I get for buying this ticket?

You'll be able to watch the best joinDOTA League matches comfortably via the WATCH tab in DotaTV. By doing so you have multiple choices of how to watch the games: Free Camera, Directed Mode, Player Perspective, or (if available) follow a caster.

Of course we will also broadcats a few matches via videostream for free. But the amount of games you can watch in DotaTV is way higher, since they don't require a caster to be available. WHat it requires though, is a jDL admin to host the game. Therefore it is by far not possible for us to add all matches in there. Instead we focus on the best ones. That includes:
  • All division 1 matches of Europe, America and Asia (exception: first playday)
  • Some of the division 2 matches
  • Matches from lower divisions in exceptional cases
This applies for matches in season 1 of jDL. For future seasons, there will be new tickets.

How do the tickets influence the prizepool?

As we already announced previously, 100% of our share goes directly into the prizepool. By buying a ticket, you raise the pool by 0.75 USD. At this moment, the prizes have reached 600 USD. We're hoping to raise that number drastically in order to keep jDL interesting for competetive teams. In case the ticket sales won't go as well as we hoped they will, we add money from our own pocket to guarantee a minimum prizepool of 5,000 USD.

How are the prizes distributed?

Once we have a prizepool, not only the best teams from a league have to share it, but first of all we have to distribute it to the three leagues. We decided to make it (not exactly, but roughly) dependent on the sign-up numbers of each individual league. Therefore, since more than half of the total teams are part of joinDOTA League Europe, and the European Premier Division arguably being the toughest, 50% of the prizepool goes into this region. jDL America and Asia each receive 25%. We will pay out prize money to 10 teams in total.

jDL Europe:
  • 1st Place: 25% of the total prizepool
  • 2nd Place: 13% of the total prizepool
  • 3rd Place: 8% of the total prizepool
  • 4th Place: 4% of the total prizepool
jDL America:
  • 1st Place: 15% of the total prizepool
  • 2nd Place: 7% of the total prizepool
  • 3rd Place: 3% of the total prizepool
jDL Asia:
  • 1st Place: 15% of the total prizepool
  • 2nd Place: 7% of the total prizepool
  • 3rd Place: 3% of the total prizepool

Any further questions? If not, go hit the store and check it out.