joinDOTA partners up with MLG

posted by Malystryx.GDS,
joinDOTA is proud to announce it will be partnering up with MLG for the epic MLG T.K.O. Tournament which will start next week. The $60,000 online tournament will include 16 teams from Europe and the Americas including big names such as Na'vi, Fnatic, Sigma and Speed Gaming.

The joinDOTA crew and website will be in charge of running the weeks of online competition as well as broadcasting the MLG T.K.O., with 6-8 matches being broadcast by Toby "TobiWan" Dawson every single tournament day. The total prize purse for the competition is $60,000, which will be split evenly between T.K.O. America and T.K.O. Europe. The T.K.O. will be another great initiative to help develop the American scene with many of the participating teams in T.K.O. also participating in the jDL Premier Division America.

Each region will operate independently of the other, with a series of round robin stages followed by a Championship Match best-of-5 match. The matches will begin next week on February 4th and run until the end of March. To wet your appetite MLG also prepared a teaser for the upcoming

MLG T.K.O. Trailer

Teams for T.K.O. Americaus Denial eSports
us eHug
pe For Sweet Revenge
us Pool Sorcery Some Tangoes
world Speed Gaming
br Swagenteiger
us Team Liquid

Teams for T.K.O. Europe:eu Fnatic
ua Natus Vincere
by Power Rangers
ru rox.KIS
ruTeam Empire

Prize Distribution ($30,000 per region)1st. $14,000
2nd. $8,500
3rd. $4,500
4th. $1,500
5th. $1,500

Make sure to visit the joinDOTA MLG coverage page for the full format and list of rules.

Are you ready?