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The bold move by Purge and his gang to try to compete in the Korean competition may be about to pay off as the team have reached the semi-finals of the Nexon Sponsorship League securing at least $2,800 of a possible $57,000 if they win the entire tournament.
Zephyr's next opponent
On the 3rd January in a mysterious Youtube video, us Kevin "Purge" Godec announced that he had moved to Korea along with four friends - which include us William "Blitz" Lee and nl Alaan "SexyBamboe" Faraj, to attempt to qualify for the NSL Season 3.

Fast forward and not only did Zephyr qualify but they may have a shot at making it all the way to the grand finals if they continue their run of form thus far.

Their next opponent is Korean team kr MVP who faced Dignitas and Speed Gaming twice in previous iterations of the Nexon competition but have yet to take a map off an international team. The match will be broadcast on jD Red at 11am CET tomorrow (21st January) by Austin "TheCapitalist" Walsh.

What are Team Zephyr's chances of winning $57,000?