Showmatch: Divine Courage Bo3

posted by Malystryx.GDS,
The showmatch between the community and our all-star team for the Pinnacle Sports DotA 2 Pro-Am is just hours away. In order to give the community a chance, all the professional players will be using the Divine Courage system, giving them random heroes as well as random items. Roster for Community Showmatch

The match between five lucky community members and our all-star team consisting of N0tail, Singsing, Bulba, 7ckingMad and Goblak will go down this evening at 6pm CET. The showmatch will run as a lead-up to the Grand Final between eu Sigma and ru Rox.Kis at 9pm CET!

WANT TO PARTICIPATE? There is still time!
To be in with a chance to compete versus these five players there is still time. all you need to do is register on the Pinnacle Sports website and then place a bet of at least $20 (or the equivalent in your currency) on the Pinnacle Sports Pro-Am tournament.

Once you've bet, simply email with the subject "DotA 2 Competition" using the email address linked to your account. Make sure you apply before 3pm CET otherwise it will be too late!

What is Divine Courage?
Divine Courage is a system inspired by League of Legends' "Ultimate Bravery" and is essentially just a fun way to add a handicap to players who want a bit of fun. All five of the professional players from our all-star team will visit the Divine Courage website and then click to be given a random hero as well as a Randomized item-list. They may build the items in any order but if player accidentally assembles an item that is not part of the build, the item must be disassembled or sold immediately.

An example of Divine Courage