D2L Grand Finalists Confirmed

posted by SuperCletis,
The Vegas Spectacle is down to the final two teams. After defeating se Alliance in the opening Lower Bracket match, world Fnatic moved on to face cn ViciGaming, who had just lost to cn LGD.cn.
Mind the spoilers as we reveal to you the Finalists of the Dota 2 League 2014!

Game One

First. Blood.

In game one, Fnatic gained first blood with Tiny, played by Aui_2000, and Fly's Rubick assisted NoTail's Wisp in killing RotK's Clockwerk in the top lane. Fnatic surprised many with their Beastmaster pick, and surprised them further by putting Demon on the hero and sending him midlane. In spite of a 10-5 kill advantage at the 20th minute, VG hadn't separated themselves from Fnatic in terms of gold or experience.

But just after the 20th minute, Super's Spectre finished his Radiance, giving them an extra source of tremendous damage, especially as mid-game began. This Radiance would pay immediate dividends with VG taking a two-for-nil teamfight, even removing the Aegis from Fnatic's Tiny. Vici then continued to frustrate Tiny in the next few skirmishes, kiting him around, forbidding him to do any splash damage with his Aghanim's Sceptre. By the 29-minute mark, VG had destroyed all of Fnatic's outer towers and was ready to go uphill on the strength of Super's well-farmed Spectre.

They feigned the uphill push at Fnatic's Dire top tier 3 tower, and a 5v5 fight broke out just outside Fnatic's base. With the help of Fy's Venomancer, Aui_2000's Tiny juked around perfectly, and won the fight in a convincing fashion. With a 10k exp lead, an 8k gold lead, as well as Fnatic's top Barracks both gone, it was only a matter of time before VG drew the GG call from the European squad.

Fnatic call GG in the face of an imminent Teamwipe

Game Two

In game two, VG allowed Aui_2000's Slardar to get free farm in the Radiant safe lane. He had a Blink Dagger before the 8th minute, and made quick use of it gaining an easy kill on RotK's Nature's Prophet before VG even knew about Aui latest item. That was not to be the last time he blinked in and quick-killed NP, and it became a common motif for the rest of the match.

VG had gained an early lead by simultaneously getting kills on all lanes

Aui_2000, one of two stand-ins filling in for Fnatic, wasn't the only player who excelled for the European squad. NoTail's Wisp play, specifically in support of Demon's Shadow Fiend as well as Aui's Slardar, was impeccable. In one skirmish in the mid lane river, NoTail saved Shadow Fiend with some perfectly timed heals as Shadow Fiend ran amok through the VG line, tremendous damage.

Slardar continued blink in to initiate fights--with Nature's Prophet being his favorite target. VG was completely unable to get any farm on their NP to counter push, and Slardar's blink dagger combined with the Wisp gank potential completely shut down VG, and the Chinese squad could never regain momentum. Fnatic soon took the game, evening up the series and surprising many viewers in the process.

Game Three

The rubber match started quietly, but the action blew up, mostly benefitting Fnatic, who took a strong 10-2 lead by the time the 13th minute had elapsed. Three minutes later, VG took a convincing team fight win, killing four Fnatic heroes while only sacrificing one of their own to do so. On top of some stellar plays by Fy's Disruptor, VG seemed to be succesfully delaying the endgame for their tri-core lineup to get the farm it needed.

In several consecutive team fights, Fy trapped key heroes inside his Kinetic Field/Static Storm combination, nullifying any ability for them to cast. With their spell-driven AOE damage lineup, Fnatic could do nothing in these fights. VG thus continued to delay Fnatic from taking their Throne so that their late-game friendly lineup could farm up.
Standin, Aui too fat

A spectacular 4-man Kinetic Shield helped VG make a comeback

But on top of the pushing power of their Death Prophet, as well as a couple Disruptor-nullifying BKB's, Fnatic finished off the upset, moving onto the Grand Final, where they will face LGD.cn !

Who are your bets on for the Grand Finals?