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Team DK found themselves on the ropes when their Chinese rivals iG won the opening games of their second encounter of the WPC ACE. Although, Team DK were not ready to submit and rose from the depths of near defeat to clinch their second title in a week and reward themselves with an incredible $163,000. Team DK defeating iG in the Grand Final Team DK continue their run of form following their first place at the FengYun championship on the weekend where they thumped TongFu 4-0 in the Grand Finals. Team DK had played cn iG in November last year in the group stage of the WPC ACE and won 2-0. This time around however, iG led the charge winning the three opening games of the best-of-7 series. Team DK then mounted an epic counter-offensive following a break for both teams, to come from 0-3 down, to win 4-3. The offline league which ran from September featured ten top Chinese teams and had a total prize pool of 1,500,000 RMB, approximately $250,000.

Final Standings
cn Team DK - $163,000
cn Invictus Gaming - $49,000
cn Vici Gaming - $16,000