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While the Western hemisphere was off enjoying the festive season, business carried on as usual in the Chinese scene. Team DK triumphed yesterday in the $13,000 FengYun Championship following a 3-0 clean sweep versus TongFu, dropping only one game throughout the playoffs.

The Fengyun Championship was an online single elimination competition which ran over the Christmas period. The competition primarily featured Chinese teams with a sprinkling of kr StarTale, eu RattleSnake and my Titan.

TongFu had a bumpy ride to earn their place in the finals winning all three of their playoff matches 2-1, including a tour de force versus iG, who later defeated cn LGD to take third place. Despite their hard fought battles in the playoffs Team DK gave TongFu a thorough drubbing in the Grand Final, leaving TongFu with only $2,400 in prize money for their efforts.

TongFu's new netcafe - Image from

However, the silver lining for second-place finishers Tongfu is that their 160-computer netcafe will soon be up and running and ready for business. According to the Chinese club is getting ready to open a netbar in Wuhu, Anhui province, with more images of the location available on Facebook.

FengYun Championship Rankings

1. cn Team DK - $9,800
2. cn TongFu - $2,400
3. cn iG - $800