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For those who spent their Sunday elsewhere, we've put together this recap of what happened when Fnatic faced off with Na'Vi in the semi-finals of EMS One. TobiWanKenobi and 7uckingMad were discussing whether the Chinese are aware of Fnatic's ability, after this match VG will definitely be writing home about it. Find out what went down after the jump.
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Fnatic Vs Navi Game 1

Learning from Sigma’s mistakes eu Fnatic banned out the Wisp right away, forcing Na’vi to play outside their comfort zone. Therefore ua Na’vi picked up the Crystal Maiden and Clinkz combo that had worked so well for them in the D2L Semi Finals against Fnatic a week ago.

Dendi and Xboct led the Creep Kills chart initially, but in the 3rd minute with 2 kills on the Enchantress Era’s Nightstalker got his much needed farm, and it was all downhill from there for Na’vi. Great ward placements by Fnatic, made Na’vi unable to make the most of Moonlight Shadow and Dendi’s unfortunately high number of misses with Mirana’s Arrow allowed Fnatic to confidently push the lanes and by the 15th minute they had taken down all the Tier 1s while Na’Vi just managed to bring down 1 Tower at Top.
Soon enough, the Dire had 3 Hands of Midas, and Nightstalker had built his Aghanim’s Sceptre and bought a Gem of True Sight, making both Clinkz and Mirana a liability for the Radiant Heroes. Fnatic won the game in excellent fashion with a teamwipe, in the 26th minute, putting themselves in the lead in the first Semifinals match of the tournament.

Na'Vi buyback in vain

Fnatic vs Navi Game 2

Once again Wisp gets the first ban, but by now Na’vi have already expected it and prepared for it. After the poor results from the previous lineup, Na’vi take a page from VG’s playbook and pick the Bristleback while Fnatic try their luck with Mirana.

With steady back and forths, Na’vi manage to trade all their deaths with a kill or a tower, resulting in the destruction of all of Fnatic’s Tier 1 towers by the 15th minute at the loss of 1 Top tower on Na’vi’s side. Era’s Mirana –just like Dendi’s in the previous match- does not get a single kill in the entire half hour.

After a lot of passive play by both teams, the Dire heroes finally rally a 5 man charge into the mid racks, breaking the Fnatic Base and forcing a GG out of them at the 28th minute after a similar teamwipe which they themselves had suffered in Game 1.

Dire Victory

Fnatic vs Navi Game 3

After winning the 2nd game, Na'vi start off Game 3 in great shape, with Dendi and Puppey using the ever effective 'Concoction+Nightmare combo. Na'vi manages to secure the first blood and some more kills soon after.

However towards mid-game after some great plays by Era with Luna, the game starts to slip away from Na'vi and as Fnatic initiate with aggression, disallowing Na'vi to play on their own begin to take down towers the gold and exp graphs start to turn in their favour.

The final nail in the Na'vi coffin is the Aegis Fnatic takes uncontested in the 32nd minute, while Na'vi try in vain to push bot tier 3 to force some Teleports, Fnatic thoughtlessly break into Na'vi's base and end the game.

What did you think of Fnatic's performance?