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cn Vici Gaming won all their matches decisively in EMS One, keeping up the level of performance the fans have come to expect from them since Sina Cup 2. Meanwhile eu Sigma and ua Na'vi face off in the 5th match to break the tie and fr aAa do not progress.
Image courtesy of ESL

Vici Gaming smoothly outplay every opponent they face -image courtesy of ESL

Group A Final Standings

Match Summaries

Vici Gaming vs against All authority: China destroys the French

The group A matches begun with aAa in their very first encounter with VG. The team started off exceedingly well against the Chinese with some well-coordinated ‘Concoction+Nightmare’ and ‘Cogs+Sunstrike’ combos; getting 4 kills early off in the top and bot lanes. However, the lack of farm on CdR’s Alchemist made his mid game impact insignificant. On the other hand Super’s Storm Spirit zipped in and out of team fights; getting Wicked Sick kill streaks. Fenrir’s Visage play helped the team's carries shutdown the aAa lineup. Fy whose Rubick won 11 out of the 15 matches since 6.79, helped his team counter aAa's every attempt to get back in control with stolen spells.

Nevertheless aAa put up a good fight against the overpowering Vici Gaming until the 22nd minute when their bot and mid racks fell and VG pushed in to get more kills.

Na'vi vs Sigma: Io Overload

As expected, Puppey straight out banned the Bane given PaS and 7uckingMad's 65%+ winrate with the hero. Na'vi then picked Wisp and Crystal Maiden, catching Sigma off guard, and causing them to waste a ban on Tiny while Na’vi had intended to pick a Razor all along. The tethered Razor along with a supporting CM enabled Navi to trade kills and destroy towers right from the start, despite giving away the first blood to the aggressive trilane of Visage, Alchemist and Lifestealer. Xboct also built a Mekanism on his Razor for only the 10th time out of 423 matches in order to further increase the survivability of his team.

Meanwhile Dendi with his TA mid, evaded death the entire match and shutdown FATA’s OD as Funn1k did likewise on the Top lane to Miggel’s Clockwerk. Before long the game fell apart entirely for Sigma, who called GG at the 25th minute without managing to destroy even a single Dire Tower.

against All authority vs Sigma: The Stuff of 'Nightmares'

Na'vi vs Vici Gaming: Deadly Jungle Surprises

In this highly anticipated match, Puppey once again drafted their very successful Wisp after banning VG’s favorite, Bristleback. Dragon Knight played by Super finally managed -in the 4th minute- to get the first blood on Dendi’s Batrider , only to be instantly killed off by CM. After that though, VG wiped the floor with Na’vi’s heroes with 4 man rotations, catching heroes alone and bringing them down with ease. Fenrir’s Visage continued to amaze viewers while rOtK's accuracy with Clockwerk's Hookshots proved his skills weren’t just limited to Bristleback. With great teamwork, VG disallowed the gold or experience to ever go in favour of their adversary.

Funn1k‘s Nature's Prophet split-pushed too late with his treants and despite Dendi’s Blinks and Xboct’s BKB, Na’vi were not able get the game back in their favour and called GG in the 28th minute.

Sigma vs Na'vi: The Deciding Battle

In this tiebreaker that decided who would advance to the semifinals, Puppey made sure to pick the Wisp and ban the Bane. Sigma themselves banned out the Visage in favour of Lich while Na’vi picked up the Chaos Knight.

Predictably, the CK and Wisp partnership was responsible for assisting 39 of Na’vi’s total kills while Dendi’s Puck achieved the no mean feat of a 10/1/13 KDA. However after a long time, Puppey played his Enigma and stole the show with repeated multiple-hero Blackholes! Facing such an overwhelming lineup FATA’s Dragon Knight was once again easily shut down. paS pulled of some much needed Chain Frosts to win a few teamfights and push up against the lanes but it was ultimately Na’vi's game, ensuring their advance to the semifinals.