Fragbite Masters to kick off tomorrow

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The complete schedule for the finals of the Fragbite Masters Dota 2 tournament is now live. On the 4th and 5th of December ten teams will be fighting for over $31,000 in prize money!

The Fragbite Masters Dota 2 tournament will feature se The Alliance, world Speed Gaming , eu Fnatic , and se 4FC with the entire tournament spread over two days.

The most notable change to the schedule is in the playoffs, with the postponed group stage matches beginning with eu QPAD versus dk Kawaii and followed by world Speed Gaming versus kz . The winner of the first group stage match will play against fr Zero Respect and the winner of the second group stage match will play against by Power Rangers .

It will be interesting to see how these ten teams match up after MLG and Dreamhack. Even though only four of the ten teams were present at MLG, every tournament since the introduction of 6.79 seems to be spontaneous and unpredictable with its trends and strategies. Will world Speed Gaming continue with their dominance? Will se The Alliance return with a fresh perspective? Will eu Fnatic continue to surprise?

Highlight matches on the first day of the tournament will be world Speed Gaming versus kz , se The Alliance versus eu Super Strong Dinosaurs , and eu Fnatic versus se 4FC.

Will this be the tournament that revives se The Alliance after their recent slump? How will world Speed Gaming fair without Arteezy? Will eu Fnatic and N0tail continue to run their legendary Sand King?

Prize Distribution

[blockquote]First place: ~$15,300
Second place: ~7,700
Third place: ~$3,100
Fourth place: ~$1,200
Fifth – Eighth place: ~$850[/blockquote]

[blockquote]4th of December
17:00 - Group stage decider #1 - Qpad vs. Kawaii
18:00 - Group stage decider #2 - Speed Gaming vs.
19:00 - Quarterfinals #1 - Zero Respect vs. Winner of GSD #1
20:00 - Quarterfinals #2 - Fnatic vs. 4FC
21:00 - Quarterfinals #3 - Alliance vs. Super Strong Dinosaurs
23:00 - Quarterfinals #4 - Power Rangers vs. Winner of GSD #2[/blockquote]

[blockquote]5th of December
19:30 — Semifinals #1 — Quarter #3 vs. Quarter #4
21:45 — Semifinals #2 — Quarter #1 vs. Quarter #2
00:00 — Finals[/blockquote]

The tournament will be casted by the GD Studio with weppas, draskyl, 2GD, and Bruno and will be featured live on