7 Dreamhack videos to watch before you die

posted by Malystryx.GDS,
With Dreamhack2013 done and dusted we've put together a list of 7 of the most insightful videos from the competition in case you were too busy this weekend. They are all SFW so enjoy at your leisure. 1. Insane highlights of Alliance vs Na'vi Game 3 (created by NoobfromUA)

2. KuroKy talks trademark Rubick (00:00 - 04:00) (source: TeamLiquid)

3. H4nni discusses Good vs Bad Midas with Tobi (source: JoinDOTA)

4. Puppey and Draskyl discuss "player vs shoutcaster"(source: TeamLiquid)

5. Pyrion.Flax vents about 2GD House(source: joinDOTA)

6. XBOCT on gaming as a career path in Ukraine(source: GosuGamers)

7. EDITOR's CHOICE: n0tail schooled by 2Gd on using Sand King

If you found any other gems or insights videos from Dreamhack2013 be sure to leave it in the comments. We'll give you props for recommending a good video you found on YouTube. - Malystryx