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Groups for G-League's group stage play has been drawn and we have quite an interesting distribution of teams this season. Read on for details of the groups.

Group A is an all Asian group with last season's winners cn Invictus Gaming looking to make a statement once more with their revamped roster. MLG Columbus runner's up, cn DK is also in group A whereby my Yee Fung 'Mushi' Chai will be facing his old teammates as my Titan is drawn into group A as well. cn Vici-Gaming and cn TongFu finishes off the teams in group A.

Conversely, Group B is largely made up of Western teams with the two qualified teams, eu Fnatic and world Speed Gaming being placed in this group. Last season's runners up, world is also placed in group B alongside their brother teamcn Up and coming team, cn DT Club is the last team for the group.

As expected, the groupstage will be a round robin format with the top three teams making it into the playoffs. The highest ranked team of each group will head into the semi-finals directly while the other two are to start in the quarter finals.

The prizepool for this season totals around $44,000. Teams will be flying to China and play the groupstages live from the Gamefy's studio.

Group A

cn Invictus Gamingcn TongFucn Vici-Gamingcn DKmy Titan

Group B

world LGD.intworld Speed Gamingeu Fnaticcn LGD.cncn DT^Club