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After being live for more than a decade since launch joinDOTA will be closing it's doors on March 31st, 2022. This might not come as a surprise to the die hard fans who have been following us closely. The decision was made after much mulling over about the Dota 2 eco-system and where we want to fit within and continue grow with the community.

However, this decision does not mean that we - Freaks 4U Gaming, the company behind joinDOTA and everyone who works on joinDOTA - don't see potential for future activations and campaigns in the Dota 2 corner of the gaming world. Freaks will still be running Dota 2 projects whenever we see ways to come together to do something awesome with our partners and the Dota 2 community, such as the Dota 2 tournament of the ESL National Championship in Germany, ESL Meisterschaft.

All in all, joinDOTA has been an important community not just for the Dota 2 scene but the esports and gaming ecosystem overall, it has also provided a gateway for enthusiasts and volunteers into esports, with many of them still working in the industry to this day. joinDOTA also represented young and established talents and offered a great stage, many have become some of the world’s most-renowned talents and some are still very active today.

That being said, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to making joinDOTA what it is: the volunteers, the casters, and everyone else behind the curtain. And a thank you to anybody who has been a part of the joinDOTA community throughout the years.

Below you will find some accomplishments and milestones we achieved over the years. We invite you to share your fondest memories or favourite joinDOTA moments in the comments!

Key Stats


  • 1.5 billion+ page views
  • 9,000+ news posted, or more than 5 million words written!!
  • 80,000+ forum threads
  • 55,000+ matches covered on ticker
  • 1,000+ coverage pages for events


  • 80 million+ views
  • 15 million+ hourss watched
  • 7,000+ uploads

Broadcasting (across multiple Twitch channels and other streaming platforms)

  • 1 billion+ minutes watched
  • 40,000+ hours streamed

Social Media

  • 50,000+ posts

Milestones & accomplishments


  • Organized the inaugural "The International" at gamescom in August, with an unprecedented $1.6 million dollar prizepool set by Valve. Natus Vincere was crowned champion.

The International 2011.

  • Launch of website.


  • joinDOTA Masters and joinDOTA Open tournament series starts.
  • Organized The International 2012: West Qualifiers.
  • talkDOTA podcast launches and runs for 38 episodes.


  • A LOT of small- and medium-sized tournaments with different sponsors: Bigpoint, EIZO, GIGABYTE.


  • joinDOTA League kicked off in January, close to 10,000 players (~2,500 teams) across 3 regions (Europe, America, Southeast Asia) played in the first season.
  • Matchmaking show went live in July, one of the most successful shows joinDOTA has produced. A total of 20 episodes generated more than 3 million views.

  • First tournament together with MLG called “MLG T.K.O.” series.
  • ESL One Frankfurt 2014 and ESL One New York 2014 featured joinDOTA talents.


  • joinDOTA League operated under the MLG banner for 2 seasons.
  • Organized ESL One Frankfurt 2015 qualifiers.
  • Worked together with MLG on their 2015 World Finals.
  • In December the first broadcast in Studio 1.2.1, which at the time was the biggest studio at the Berlin offices with the fifth (and ultimately final) season of The Defense.


  • Closer cooperation with ESL for broadcasting parts of the ESL One tournaments for the upcoming years.


  • Website v3 launch and logo update.


  • joinDOTA League's final season is played, concluding the league with a total of 16 seasons across 3 regions over 6 years.
  • Teaming up with Dan Offen to present The Position Six podcast.
  • Cooperation with hOlyhexOr to produce Youtube content.


  • Fully broadcasting ESL One Los Angeles 2020 after a failed start due to the pandemic.

And much much more.

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