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The groupstage of the WPC-Ace League is now over and we have the top six teams that will be heading into the playoffs. Unsurprisingly, cn DK manages to top their group after going on a seven game winning streak in prior to the 6.79 patch. cn Invictus Gaming follows closely behind at second place.
DK at a post game interview

The last two games of the groupstage were played out today, but they did not have any effect on the final standings as the top six have been determined a while ago.

As mentioned, DK tops the rankings with 13 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss followed. A very impressive feat if you consider that DK has only outright loss to a team just once in the entirety of the tournament so far. iG follows close behind with 11 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses. For topping the group, these two teams have the privilege of being seeded directly into the semi-finals while the rest will have to play through a mini playoffs.

Both LGD teams managed to get through to the top six as well with world accumulating just enough wins towards the end to make up for their bad performance in the early stages. cn Vici-Gaming and cn TongFu are the other two teams that made it to the playoffs.

There is no surprise that both of Ace's amateur teams, cn Heart Gets Together and cn WPC-A (TongFu.WanZhou) were dead last. However the experience so far is definitely beneficial for them in the long run. cn RisingStars and cn RattleSnakes failed to make head turns as they were both eliminated as well.

Playoffs are set to kick off in a week's time. More info as we get it.

Groupstage standings