posted by HolyMaster,
The team already played together for a while, but today was a big day for for two reasons: The clan Sigma revealed its concept for the first time. Just a few hours later they took their first significant title, they came out on top in Bigpoint Battle #10. Besides the proud winner, se 4 Friends + Chrillee was the second team that can be satisfied with its result. After strong victories versus eu Fnatic and :, the Swedes surprisingly marched into the final for the second time in a row.

The most impressive run was Sigma's though without any doubt. The German/Danish/French mix defeated ru Poseidon, dk Mousesports, and us Evil Geniuses on their way to the finals and concluded with a convincing 2:0 victory over 4FC. The prize is 1,500 EUR, while 500 EUR goes to the second place.

Earlier the same day a long introduction of SIGMA e-sport was released on the blog of fr Sebastien '7ckingMad' Debs. The organisation mentions some innovative concepts. Sigma wants to be "a sponsoring structure created by players for players". They furthermore announced that "this new company is founded by a private investor". Not only the known international team, but also a decent French squad is currently part of it.

While still not everything behind the idea of Sigma e-sports might be clear to the public. has definitely shown, they're a force to be reckoned with. The time of frequent renamings and instability should be over now.