posted by NanaKrustofski,
What would Dota 2 be without all the glorious casters, hosts and analysts? From whacky jokes to heavy roasts, here are some of the best moments from our beloved panel members in 2021.

Slacks = kawaii desu ne

New and improved Dragon's Blood synchro

BSJ completely roasts NAVI

Jenkins properly announces Ammar

Lacoste with a dangerous joke

Cap casually torches Kyle

Ramzes is too polite


Kyle fights Alliance

ODPixel is cheesy

Slacks with an entertaining interview

Jenkins descends into insanity

Ephey signals SOS

Observer gives his very best

ppd always ready with some salt

Sheever calls out bad fans

Bulba on his plans for Valentine's Day

OD's heinous plans are destroyed

A Dota player and a LoL player walk into a bar...

Tsunami promotes Tinder

Important zoom

Photo credit: Valve