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The Continuum Conundrum Update is now live and features a myriad of new content. An Arcana, a Persona, additional cosmetics and an event are waiting. The update introduces the new Aghanim's Labyrinth Battle Pass to Dota 2. By purchasing it and gaining enough Battle Points through the weekly quests, players will be able to unlock lots of rewards.

Drow Ranger Arcana and Mirana Persona

The highlight of the Battle Pass is for sure the new Arcana Bundle "Dread Retribution" for Drow Ranger. It includes a new model and pedestal, custom animations and hero assets, a completely new set of voicelines as well as an unlockable alternate style. To unlock the Arcana, players will have to reach level 333 of the Battle Pass.

There is also a new Persona waiting for players who manage to reach level 135 of the Battle Pass. Mirana of Nightsilver re-imagines the Princess of the Moon with a new model. Additionally, you can unlock the cosmetic bundle "Mirana's Dark Moon Armor" at Battle Pass level 235.

As usual, the Battle Pass offers far more than that: You can obtain a Prestige Bundle for Hoodwink, new cosmetics for ten other heroes as well as custom towers, creeps, wards and an evolving courier. It will also contain many smaller rewards such as Emoticons and Sprays. The basic version of the Battle Pass can be purchased for $7.49, while you will have to spend $26.99 on the level 50 version and $41.99 for the level 100 version.

New features and event game

Besides the Battle Pass, the new update introduces some additional features to the game. Update recommendations for neutral items, a rune spawn indicator and a gold bounty counter for lane creeps and neutral creeps should help players with their decision making.

Another new feature is the controller support. Dota players can now use any Steam Input-compatible device to play the game.

Last but not least, the event game mode Aghanim's Labyrinth returns to Dota 2. In teams of four players, you will be able to explore the Continuum Vault and fight your way through the different rooms. At the start, 14 new heroes will be available in Aghanim's Labyrinth, but with the Battle Pass you can unlock Legacy Heroes from last year and play with them in the event game mode.

Photo credit: Valve