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From angelic couriers to frosty Wards: Here are some of the cutest cosmetics to enjoy on snowy winter days. Ho ho ho, it's time to look festive! No matter if you actually celebrate Christmas or just enjoy the typical snowy setting, there is a way to turn your Dota 2 into a winter wonderland! Equip some cute couriers, a frosty ward and play your favourite blue hero while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and cookies. Here are some skins and couriers that work perfectly for grinding MMR over the holidays - at least visually.

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Strongback the Swift: This cute little courier is one of the variants of the Shitty Wizard. With the riders being dressed as the frosty Crystal Maiden and the angelic looking Omniknight (just like SirActionSlacks and Kacie), this version gives some adorable Christmas vibes.

Scuttling Scotty: Okay, technically penguins only waddle around at the South Pole and Santa lives in the North Pole, but this courier still counts as a cute Christmas edition. Look at this lil fella! And the flying version is even more adorable as the penguin floats around with a balloon.

Ice Baby Roshan: Icy, spicy and way too pricey: The Ice Baby Roshan unfortunately currently costs over 560€ on the Steam market place. But maybe some of you lucky guys already have this cute monster in your arsenal. Or maybe you are extremely rich, so it doesn't matter to you.

Gingerbread Baby Roshan: The Gingerbread Baby Roshan is also extremely expensive, we understand that. We just hope the wings won't get soggy in a snow storm.

Duskie: Everbody loves dogs, and for good reason! They are your best friend and your helper in every situation, no matter what. Naturally, dogs make a great courier as they would do anything to see you again. Don't forget to give them a little treat after delivering your stuff.

Crystal Maiden Arcana: On the note of dogs - let's take a short side trip into the closet for hero outfits. Crystal Maiden naturally always fits into the winter scenery, but the Arcana is especially pretty. That's because of her sidekick: Aurora, the Wolf Pup of Icewrack. The puppy can also change colours from blue to black and white when you unlock the second style.

Trusk (Travel Attire): Tusk is another hero that is at home in vast snowy landscapes and therefore the perfect option to play during winter. His travel attire makes him look quite dapper and casual-cool at the same time!

Bearzky: Is he a small traveller or a hockey legend? He's both! Bearzky comes with a second style where he carries a hockey stick. After all, the miniature Ursa is named after Canadian pro player Wayne Gretzky.

Hakobi and Tenneko: Christmas is all about love and friendship, and these two friends are just the most adorable thing you've ever seen in Dota. The Shibe is called Hakobi (運び) which means courier/carriage in Japanese. The cat's name is Tenneko (天猫) which means heavenly cat or sky cat.

Christmas Wards: You've got your christmas attire on, your icy hero and cuddly courier equipped - what else? Don't forget to equip a wintery ward! The one on the left is called Frozen Formation. And if you have your eyes on the cute baby seal, the right one is called Floe's Tower Ward.

Wyvern Hatchling: Do you enjoy playing Winter Wyvern? Then let her baby hatchling bring you your items and so you can educate the next generation of Wyverns! After all, defending the Ancient is a family business.

Photo credit: Valve